“I’m only calling in to enquire about the pub quiz”

Sorry to disappoint you, but I didn’t pop back in the Waggon & Horses on my Greater Halesowen mini-crawl.

I’m sure it’s still great; it certainly was on the night Mrs RM and I called in for an inadvisable number of 6% beers just before this blog started. “6% ! Boys Bitter !” etc etc.

No, my tick was just up the road towards Lye (“Loi”) at the King Edward VII. And it looked gorgeous.

I had enough time to admire a proper non-league ground before opening.

Now that Manchester City are a busted flush, I’m on the lookout for a new bandwagon to jump on and “The Yeltz” might be it after their 2-1 win at Cambridge City yesterday. Life After Football can advise.

Being first in while the Guvnor is still stillaging and stiling or whatever publicans do has its advantages; you can take photos of gorgous interiors without upsetting the locals.

What a corker. But when did you last see a rubbish Black Country pub on this blog ?

Loads of choices in the seats, less on the bar, just as it should be.

What is this Midlands obsession with Butty Bach ? (and Purity UBU in the posh pubs).

It’s not bad, a reliable pint, and served here cool and clear I can’t complain. But why can’t Batham’s get in every pub ?

The Guvnor is warm and welcoming, we get a rare airing of Culture Club’s underrated “Time (Clock of the Heart)“, and I don’t know what to think when an Old Boy comes in, stands bewildered at the bar, and asked a series of detailed questions about the pub quiz (everything except “can I have the answer”).

And then leaves without buying a beer.

13 thoughts on ““I’m only calling in to enquire about the pub quiz”

    1. I think it may be as simple as that people who live there like other people’s company and enjoy it in pubs, rather than in dinner parties in their own posh houses as in many parts of the south-east.


  1. Free trade pubs don’t stock Bathams because it’s expensive at wholesale level and customers expect the retail price to mirror that of Bathams own pubs, ie quite cheap.
    I agree with you on Butty Bach, I’ve never understood the appeal, particularly with so many impressive local and regional alternatives.


  2. I can concur that there are no rubbish Black Country pubs on this blog although Paul WME will confirm..
    Halesowen Town are a proper non league club …one of the best

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