Following Blackpool Jane’s heroic lead, it’s all food today.

This was the Misssisssissipi (sp. ?) burger from outside the Cricketers. Note the state of the diet coke can.

“You on a diet, man ?” he asked.

Better than it looks now, but I’m not starting a scoring system for Brum burgers.

Friday was the day I’d finish West Midlands GBG, with 3 new entries clustered around Halesowen.

I’ve a real affection for the town, though you might not think it from these cruelly unrepresentative pics of an abandoned church and a High Street still suffering from Merry Hill-isation.

Approximately 4.7 charity shops per capita, containing 77% of the world’s unwanted Jack Johnson CDs.

In fairness, the pedestrianised Centre was full of life. I used to stay at the bargain Travelodge here when I had meetings on Hagley Road, and the locals are lovely. It’s the Brighouse of the Midlands.

As Aristotle wrote in 1677, if a man wants to get the measure of a town, go in its Spoons at 11am on a weekday (I paraphrase).

It was virtually full, and all human life was, indeed, here.

“There you go sweetie, enjoy it bub”.

And I did.

But it was time for church. And a pub.


  1. I’ve been in the Waggon and Horses in Halesowen, which I managed to confuse with a similar pub in Oldbury. Thought it was all the wrong way round, until I realised it was two different pubs. Very discumbobulating.

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    1. That’s easily done, lot of Waggons and horses in the Black Country !

      Oldbury only up the road, similar town to Halesowen, perhaps a bit more mutiroomed but not the beer classic that Halesowen is.


    1. And he could reuse one of the mobility scooter photos over and over. That is a stock image from what I can see. Any town or city anywhere in the UK.

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