Enough pictures of beer. Let’s do a curry.

As always, let Glaswegian legend Curry Heute be your guide. His website is to Chicken Dhansak what BRAPA is to John Smiths Smooth.

But he’s little positive to say about Sheffield, and to be honest there do seem to be far more Chinese than Indian/Bangladeshi options in town. Curry Heute’s pick is Apna Style, just south of Bramall Lane, which seemed to justify a return visit.

“I’m back in Sheffield in a couple of weeks, we shall see if anyone wishes to share a taxi out here.

A taxi ? A taxi ! It’s a mile from the station, and only an hour from retiredmartin HQ. Let’s walk.

You see far more on foot.

I apologise for the misplaced apostrophe in the art above, and the use of the “B” word.

I’ll be honest, leaving home at midday having skipped breakfast (accidentally) I was wishing I’d caught a taxi by the time I passed the United ground, one of the most utilitarian in the League.

Bramall Lane is one of three places of pilgrimage in a row, the others being the beautiful Medina Mosque,

and Apna Style across the road.

The best curry houses have four tables with plastic coverings, a chap in white coat who’s been working there since 1986 (see also : The Vine), and induce a comment from Mrs RM along the lines of “Are you sure ?”.

Don’t be put off by mention of cheese burgers and chips on the menu.

It’s the handi you want. Sadly there’s not a special Tuesday handi, as they follow micropub hours, but Magz is available everyday (the Quail makes me squeamish).

The governor, or whatever he’s called asks me a series of questions to which I give the answer yes, and assume I’m getting something hot. With two chapattis.

I think I should have had it on rather than off the bone, as Hector recommends, but that’s the sort of debate akin to sparkled/flat Bass that is a bit secondary.

This was a wonderful, gurgling, feast of flavour. JUST the right amount of food, yours for a tenner.

Rather unwisely, I then decided it was time for a beer.

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