You left me with a tummy full of curry, contemplating a long walk into Norton Woodseats, but then noticing Stockport John’s tweets from his own recent tour of Sheffield;

Oh, why not. Got to be done some time, a possible pre-emptive tick, and the Railway Hotel near the United ground doesn’t look like it’s opening any time soon.

Loads of pubs near the football ground, all desperate for the boost on trade when marauding Brummies or Cumbrians tip up, but how would Stancil Brewery’s Albion hold up on a quiet Tuesday afternoon in pre-season.


Well, I was the only drinker in, and there were a few too many pumps for comfort.

But, as promised by John, the Stainless was drinking surprisingly well. Cool and rich, perhaps a touch of ginger à la Enville, NBSS 3+. The enthusiastic young manager said he’d only taken over in April, drank the cask himself, and was clearly desperate for the football trade to replace the lack of students.

A couple of young guys headed for the garden, another chap came in and took the other large table and started reading the Sheffield Star, and by the time I left it was pleasantly ticking over in an edge-of-town local way.

I accidentally pressed the “pop” button on my phone camera, something which will annoy Pauline no end.

Ah, that’s better.

The pop being played was problematic. “Bette Davis Eyes“, but not as us 1981 pop kids know it. Has Kim Carnes re-recorded it ? “Jump Around” by House of Pain, or was it a cover version by Ed Sheeran ? Who cares ?

Come again” said the guvnor, and I will. London Road has a wealth of ethnic eating and a FREE cashpoint.

But drink can cloud the mind so Fx~k that sh~!

Wise words indeed.

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