Here’s the Brough micro I promised you earlier, the last of the trio of E.Yorks ticks a week last Saturday. Football fans will immediately notice North Ferriby FC, the only team on Humberside to win a national cup competition, before disappearing completely. The Histon of the North, perhaps..

Rather more seriously, Brough has recently lost BAE Systems manufacturing arm, and the tourism from the Humber Estuary and a micropub will struggle to make up that loss.

But the chippy looked bright and lovely (isn’t 53 Degrees North a brewery ?) and I was a a bit miffed it had closed JUST before the micro opened.

I wasn’t the first in the Centurion (top), a lady reading a book the other toper, and I sensed this wouldn’t be a riot.

One picture tells you all you need to know.

The lady at the bar wearing a visor popped over to take my order, which is always hard when you can’t point to a pump, any pump. I picked Great Newsome cos they’re local, aren’t they ? Who knows.

I showed an interest in the lovely sign on the wall I thought they might have nicked from a pub in Brigg I passed once, but apparently a young local lad made it from scratch.

Plain seating, but the copper tables look great in close up,

and the beer in a glass wounded by the actual centurion was crisp and tasty.

Simon wasn’t completely convinced when he tipped up a week later,

but I thought it was a pleasant enough place. If only they could have persuaded the local youth making a racket outside to come in and drink cask. Where’s Hull CAMRA when you need them ?

6 thoughts on “RUMBLE BY THE HUMBER

  1. Just out of interest what time did the chippy close?

    It often still seems hard to find any open after 1:15 in Yorks.


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