After that minor diversion caused by the need to be topical, I return to the epic Scottish trip at the end of June and remind you of the route, reaching 510 miles as we pulled into the car park at Oban ferry terminal at 07:45. Luckily, the previous night’s seafood extravaganza had left us unscathed in the morning.

Three pubs to do in Oban later that night; sadly the Claredon would not be among them due to Scottish CAMRA’s bizarre for requirement for real ale in the premier Real Ale guide. #Revitalisation

Mrs RM had booked two foot passenger returns to Mull on-line that would see us departing at 08:35 and returning mid afternoon after a bus trip to Tobermory, but at the CalMac desk a small problem emerged.

There weren’t any buses back from Tobermory that would allow us to catch the 15:40 ferry, due to you-know-what. Unless we got straight back on the bus we were on. Which would be daft.

And the early evening ferry was full, so we wouldn’t return till about 20:30, by which time I imagined all the Oban pubs would be full.

And would my parking ticket still be valid (I’d paid till 18:00). I rushed back to check; no charges overnight, phew !

No drinks at all on the ferry due to you-know-what, but with over an hour to kill in tiny Craignure before the overworked Number 95 rolled in I reckoned we had time for some craft beer

Scandalously, the actual Craignure Inn was shut at 09:30, so it was Blazey’s Cafe with its daring hidden Guinness, flat whites and prominent “made-to-order” Lorne Sausage baps.

Mrs RM found some work to do having worked out the WiFi code, so I took a stroll along the fairy grotto along the coast, filled with inspiration sayings, gruff anglers and views to the hills.

Only 20 miles around the coast to Tobermory, but nearly an hour of turbulent driving to match the nightmare that was Vectis Buses the other year.

That route took us past Mull’s 3 bed A & E hospital built in 1990 to cope with islanders shocked by the arrival of craft beer (Deuchars IPA) and several diversions to pick up and drop off nobody.

Why do buses make me feel so sick ?

Never mind. You step off the bus to this sight;

And this one;

Yes, folks, we’re in Balamory.


  1. What on Earth were you dong there? There’s no GBG guide pubs on Mull!!

    The Mishnish was good though and did have real ale when we visited a couple of years ago.

    I assume your next post will be about the pub?

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  2. Claredon, surely, not Clarendon, but easy to get the two confused. I think if I ever went back to Oban or similar places I’d be heading for the keg bars unrecognised by CAMRA.

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