A poignant birthday for me, if not Matt (above), as Dad lost his last teenager to the terrifying twenties last Tuesday.

There’s loads of great teenage songs, heh ?

Well, not much beats the already classic one released last month;

Dave “all music stopped in 1979” Southworth had never heard of Olivia, but then I doubt he’s heard “Teenage” by the UK Subs, either. Charlie Harper was actually older than I am now when he sang this on Top of the Pops;

As you see, Matt is taking middle age in his stride, and was enjoying a late breakfast at Elnecot in Ancoats when I caught up with him, Emma and James (below). Note my emergency Shindigger.

After Bury I’d nipped to the Etihad to buy Matt a present. No-one had told me City were champions; when did that happen ?

Matt first saw City in 2008-09 and still thinks Stephen Ireland is their best player, but being a barber is expected to have ill-informed views on the beautiful but pointless game.

While Matt gave James a cut I set off of a long walk round the city that contributed to those 14.44 miles I showed you yesterday,

failing to find the new Vocation bar and meeting up again at Fierce, which is quickly becoming my local. Oooh ! Imperial Doughnut Ale !

I could have stayed and worked through the list, but had blogs to write the next morning, and an appointment with tacos and cocktails at Luck Lust Liquor & Burn, which isn’t a Holt pub. My first ever cocktail. Ugh.

Great to see the city bursting back to life, queues on a Tuesday evening and all, and I suddenly felt jealous of a 20 year old.

Till I realised how many years he’ll be working to pay off Eat Out To Help Out.

18 thoughts on “I WANNA BE TEENAGE

    1. I think it stopped when Andy Partridge got stage fright (or a mental collapse while performing: March 18, 1982 at Theatre Le Palace in Paris https://diffuser.fm/andy-partridge-nervous-breakdown/), meaning that XTC ceased touring and performing live, which meant they lost their drummer. A band has to have a drummer – without one they can still make good records (see Skylarking, Nonsuch, Apple Venus), but it becomes impossible to resist a descent into nurdling, in-fighting and eventual break-up.

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      1. I saw the Adverts live, and I’ve got their first album. You’re right – the BBC’s useless sound technicians make them sound like Deep Purple. “Sitting watching the planes burn up through the night like meteorites” is as prog a line as you could hope for – or not, as the case may be. The technique with punk bands was – surely – to drown out the vocalist with the noise from the guitar, bass and drums; no matter how loud he sings. In fact, the louder the better.

        The point was to *understand* the lyrics even though you couldn’t hear them.

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    1. Hi Chris (it is Chris, isn’t it ?). It was your post that alerted me to the Vocation but I’d run out of internet as Mrs RM had bought me a new phone so I had to try and remember your guidance and forgot !

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