This would have been quite a nice trip to Elland if it hadn’t been me driving, but sometimes you have to make an effort with Mrs RM so she earns the money that keeps me in beer.

Anyway, it WAS the canalside Barge & Barrel that we now headed to, a pub as famous in 2003 as Stockport’s Crown or Telford’s Coalbrookdale for offering a beer range of a staggering six handpumps.

Several of you guessed correctly. You can share the half of Doom Bar in a John Smiths Smooth glass.

I’ve heard reports of pubs struggling to attract the punters, despite the appeal of face masks, App ordering and table service, and the Barge & Barrel was quieter than you’d hope on a Bank Holiday Sunday, bar a dozen or so by the canal.

We had the interior, and the wholseome sounds of Taio Cruz, to ourselves. I thought it was gorgeous; Mrs RM smelt wet dog. She has acute hearing.

The team were hardworking and cheery, though one of them seemed to have been caught “hanging her smalls out when a customer walked past“. BRAPA would have loved it.

Her half of Small World Stout, from a range including Abbeydale, Phoenix and Stowford Press (very 2003) tasted an easy 3.5. I drank her dregs when she nicked my coffee cake (cake and coffee £3).

Just after we’d walked out Mrs RM decided she needed a comfort break, and I did that hovering at the door thing I hate.

TEN minutes later she was still missing, so I sent in a search party.

Noticing the food board, I laughed at the special, clearly commemorating Carrie “Nut Nuts” Johnson’s nuptial that week.

I’M Carrie” said Carrie, not unreasonably. “I make the curry“.

And that’s why I love pubs.


  1. So why is the Barge & Barrel no longer in the Good Beer Guide? If the dregs are 3.5 NDSS (Notional Dregs Scoring System), it should be restored forthwith.

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