Mrs RM agreed to a quick post-beer stroll to explore Elland; she’d have had refused if she’d noticed the gradiants down to the Calder.

The town was very quiet, what with all the folk sipping gin in Halifax craft bars, but within 10 minutes we were warming to its charms, and if it hadn’t been for the masks I’d have been tempted by Cruella at the Rex for a mere £5.50.

And who can resist the Maltmeister quality puns and diversity welcoming air of cafes like O’Crumbs and Tran’s Kitchen.

They even have a nightclub in a former bank NOT converted into a Spoons yet, right next to a Sam Smiths (top).

But I remembered Elland for a canal-side pub in the 2000s. “Take me for a half there then” said Mrs RM, and she wasn’t taking no for an answer, even when I told her it wasn’t in the Beer Guide anymore. “Beer snob !” she said. I ask you.

Can you guess what it is yet ?

5 thoughts on “HEAVEN AND H(ELL)AND

  1. It must be the Barge & Barrel, which is in my 2010 copy of the Good Beer Guide (which was so good I haven’t needed to buy one since).


  2. I’d have gone for the movie if only to proclain loudly in my best ‘wise dad’ voice, “Ooh look, it’s in Dobly!”

    Note also the hilarious Cock’n’Balls Banksy outside, it’s only a matter of time before someone buys the whole cinema and has it transferred brick by brick to a Lon-don gallery…

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