Simon read my post on the Redemption last night (I’m honoured !) and wondered if I was being entirely serious in my effusive praise. I was. All they need to do to make it perfect is to actually sell the beers advertised on the wall;

With 20 minutes till my second GBG tick, I thought I’d go back and pre-emptively do the Angry Cat that I’d passed an hour earlier.

Yes, the full Heanor triple micro package PLUS Jade’s Dog Groomers takes all of 4 minutes, so even the laziest of you can do it (if you make it up the hill from Langley station).

And yes, I know it’s actually the Angry Bee but to me it will always be the Angry Cat, which is probably a real micro in Newcastle.

Why is this one, open since 2016, NOT in the Guide ? Sometimes it’s because it’s the one majoring on Pravha and Sourz.

Not a bit of it.

Hartington IPA and that Grasshopper Cricket pale from somewhere cutting edge I guess (oh, actually it’s from Langley Mill) and other lovely stuff.

Perhaps they keep their cask under a radiator then ?

Well, no, the Cricket was stunningly cool and crisp (NBSS 4.5). I know certain Americans, and not just the Southworths, who would have thought they were in heaven here. A very tiny heaven, although now I’m home I read there’s a lovely back room I missed. Next time.

My feet touched the floor, the locals talked to me, the landlord (?) said he was sorry about the noisy customers.

But I LIKE noisy customers !” And I did.

Modesty prevents me from repeating the conversation about the menopause but a pub where you can have that conversation about the menopause will do for me, if not the clientele of the Brunning & Price.

A lady came in for some take-outs, another for a lemonade top to drink on the pavement. I was reminded of the Monk in Buxton.

I stayed for another half. It was nectar. But then you saw that line coming, didn’t you ?

6 thoughts on “NECTAR AT THE ANGRY BEE

  1. “it(heaven) is already overcrowded from your dirty little war.” Oops, wrong guy!

    A 4.5 in a classic pub would be closer to heaven!

    I wonder what the rent is for the next door boarded up rental unit?

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