No, not the in-laws visit (day 5 of 14); the endless micros of the Amber Valley.

NOT because they were dull, they were without exception marvellous.

But we all have limits, and I’d nearly reached mine already by the time I reached Crooked Cask, a 3rd micro tick of the day.

Please ring bell“. You know how I like ringing bells.

In years gone past I’d have nipped in here for a 10 minute half of Pale, but this is 2021 where it takes 10 minutes to get into a pub, so anything less than a pint seems pointless. As the sign in the Redemption says.

You may have noticed the Leica watermark on these recent photos. That’s a sure sign I’m worse for wear. The lack of notes is another prime indicator.

My ONLY note says “Black Shale Stout 3.5/4“, which I’ll leave to Beer Twit to unravel.

But I DO remember a young lad called Luke, son of the lovely owners of Crooked Cask, who looked a complete natural in a pub. Children in pubs are always a good thing.

I have zero recollection of the walk back from Heanor to Langley Mill Station, either,

but I know I popped in the (non-GBG) Railway Tavern 5 minutes before the train left for Sheffield, because the photos are still there.

No sign of a shaky hand, is there ?

My apologies to a landlord who obviously seated me and poured a half within 30 seconds, and had to put up with what undoubtedly was a terrible pronunciation of Gigglemug, an accurate description of me at the time I suspect.

You know, I’m fairly sure that was a 3.5, too. What a haul. What a place Heanor is.

I woke up at about 9pm that night. Sadly, I hadn’t quite missed all the football match going on that night.

10 thoughts on “MAKE IT STOP !

  1. That looks like a very rare glass.
    Oversized from the days of metered electric pumps and “A BENTS HOUSE” is from Bents of Liverpool and Stone who were acquired by Bass Charrington in 1967 with 514 public houses.

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    1. I’ve realised that it’s probably an unstamped glass meant for bottled beers.
      Me being in short trousers until 1967 indicates how ancient it is.
      ‘Brad’ had actually acquired his premises in Stone for brewing his Lymestone beers BEFORE he knew it was a former brewery, the Bents Brewery.

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  2. Make It Stop? I’m sorry, but you have to go back because you missed the Marlpool Alehouse! To make it easier for you, you don’t have to go back to Heanor, you can combine it with a visit to Ilkeston (pronounced Ilson), which has a couple of micropubs of its own, not to mention some cracking proper pubs too. Enjoy!


  3. The route from Ripley to IKEA Town is studded with great boozers old and new, just avoid most (though not all) the ones with fresh GK livery and the appalling attempts at recreating Kimberley beers. My last attempt at an early weekday crawl from from Langley Mill was stymied somewhat by persistently pissing rain, and typically limited opening hours, so I’ve been promising myself I’ll do it on a better day ever since. If you like micropubs now, I’d recommend the terrific little bar of the New Inn, Heanor, aka the Giraffe pub…

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