First things first. I forgot to put a photo nicked off BRAPA on that last post on the Milecastle Inn. Here it is;

Now, that is a beautiful shot out to Hadrian’s Wall (aka the Scottish Border) from pretty much the same spot I sat in 18 months later. His photos have become really good, often better on the 6th pint than the 1st.

Like Simon, Mrs RM and I walked* the tarmacked B6318 on to Once Brewed, our destination for the rest of the day.

We could have walked a few miles further, I guess, but the Twice Brewed Inn was going the be the highlight of the trip, (at least according to the Visa receipt I’ve just seen).

It’s the Beacon Hotel, or the Flower Pots, of the North, a venerated brew pub that EVERYONE knows.

A lovely unchanging hostelry, or so I remembered from a couple of visits in previous decades.

Ah, how quaint !

Makes a change from those barrels dispensing dog ale.

Inside, once checked in (it took AGES), my path to the bar is severely restricted by greeters and barriers and directional signs, but it looks a bit “National Park Cafe” than I remember.

Despite standing in that spot, with free tables, I had to make a booking for a quick pint before we hit the town. It was all a bit of a fuss, but the homebrew was sensational, NBSS 4 stuff.

That one’s called, actually I haven’t a clue, as the waitress described it as “a pale one”. Being denied the God given right to lick look at handpumps means you can’t see names or strengths or weirdness.

Stop moaning !” said Mrs RM, predictably. She didn’t join me on the walk to the Steel Rigg, but was happy to nick my photos for her Facebook post later.

Worth the walk, both from Carlisle and from the Twice Brewed, of which more shortly.

*After that the little cheat got a taxi, but I’ll let him off that as he’s a professional ticker.


  1. Excellent beer and friendly service when we visited last September but we’ll remember the “welcome” party with temperature guns planted on foreheads…just as you say beer description was broad brushstroke and I couldn’t construe an excuse to get nearer to the pump clips…a visit to the Web site did eventually clarify what was in the glass and would hope to revisit in more sociable climes…

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    1. Yes, I resorted to looking at their website and asking “Have you got this one?”. “What about this”. It was a muddle.

      Staff were fine, I just don’t like overhearing service with loads of people standing around you staring.


      1. Exactly..and no real chance to enquire or exchange beer banter ..which is one of the USP of brewery ” Taps “…?
        There are some ” blokey” jokes posted in the Gents so maybe there are regular locals or perhaps it’s just for the ” Tourists “….
        Worth a revisit in happier times if they make it through…and wish them well

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      2. You make good points Graeme, and I’m definitely not knocking the Twice Brewed, which will impress the many overseas tourists expecting central London type service.

        BRAPA made some comments about the “humour” feeling a bit forced and touristy.

        Their beer range on that Friday, described by the first server as “we’ve a pale one and a blonde one” and a second “we’ve got a Gallia, a Mors, a Mithras, all brewed by us” and a third “we’ve a hazy IPA, a nice hoppy one at 5% etc etc”. No idea about strengths, which is all I go on, and actually you couldn’t have told that standing at the bar either !


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