You left your heroes at the spot marked “W” on the right hand edge of the map;

“W” signifies wet, or potentially wet as the deluge was apparently expected, ooh, an hour ago.

But with miles to the Twice Brewed, our signature stop for the night, we still felt obliged to peep in the isolated Milecastle.

We’d been before, but at that moment we’d been to EVERY pub on the Wall between Carlisle and Newcastle and thought breaking the run would cause our luck with the weather to fail.

It was due to open in 20 minutes, but JUST as we walked past the door opened. Which was nice.

Our “Old School” landlord did that North Yorkshire “I don’t normally open till noon” spiel, but it was hard for him to deny us a half and a coke.

What a lovely little spot, very Yorkshire Dales pub-without-the-posh-food vibes.

Still, he made it clear he didn’t want us dripping on his nice seats where proper customers (who eat food) sit their bums and we hung them on the wall to drip instead.

No banter, not even with the Roman centurion in the window, but the views and the crisp, cool, foamy Big Lamp (3.5) were superb and we cheered up when the Landlord was as taciturn and blunt with the callers and visitors alike.

He runs a good, tight, pub, we thought. Lets the lacings reveal.

Just a shame Mrs RM couldn’t work out how to use the tap, probably dating from AD 233, in the ladies.

It’s a sure sign that Pubs Are Back when you can moan about taps again.


  1. I love that you’ve heard “I don’t normally open till noon” so often that you can now put it in the category of North Yorkshire spiel. 😉

    Those lacings really did look exemplary.

    Must say I’ve never seen a tap like that over here; I mean, the “hands free” water tap is fairly common, but having it sprouting from the righthand side wall (rather than directly in front of you, above the sink) is a new one on me.

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