Parental Advisory : Contains a handled glass. Oh, too late.

I actually booked my onward train to Cheadle Hulme ON THE TRAIN to Piccadilly. If I can keep this level of IT competence up, I will soon be able to order a beer without Mrs RM’s help.

My first Wednesday tick was either to be Archive or a similar sort of bar in Wigan, and I really thought Wigan deserved a whole day. Besides, it was only 20 minutes to C’hulme (as the locals call it), so I’d have time to drip something hot and greasy down my front before meeting Quosh at 2pm.

Archive is one of those micro/bottle shops/cafe bars dominating the Beer Guide scene in southern Manchester in the last decade.

20 steps from the station, 5 steps from the estimable Chiverton Tap sandwiching the artisanal greengrocer, which I confidently predict will add a handpump serving Doom Bar to complete a trio of GBG entries in 2023.

At the moment you never know whether your attempted pub tick will be met with “Sorry, full, shoulda booked” or “I just felt a drop of rain, I’m closing” or “Of COURSE we’re open, why do you ask ?”.

So well done, Archive, for being open on an overcast Wednesday, and having such attractive, covered seating (really) overlooking the station and the guys delivering from Pizza Hut.

The essential loo visit allows you to see this is a smart little bar with comfortable seating and a good beer choice. Just add people.

Good welcome, and because I’m at the door I can see the ale choice. Now, I detest choice, but Plum Porter v Marble Bitter is a tough one, isn’t it ?

The Reserve is a bit strong for breakfast, so a crisp yet foamy Marble (NBSS 3.5) does the trick, coupled with “Lust for Life” and “My Generation” on the playlist.

What else can I tell you ? Well, it was NOISY, both the noise from the set-up for indoor opening and the stream of traffic along the A5149 to Kitt’s Moss, which I’ve NEVER been to. Convince me to remedy that.

I could have caught the 12:24 straight back to Piccadilly, but the ticket had cost me SIX POUNDS TEN !, so I investigated the many charms of Cheadle Hulme, because I love you (not you).


  1. For a brief period in the early months of last year they had Bass as a permanent beer. Don’t know if they have any plans to revive that.


    1. The reputation of Bass really has changed over the last few years, hasn’t it ? Would have been laughed at for suggesting it as a beer for a micro or smart bar before.


      1. I used to like it very much (a good few years ago, and then some). Must say that nowadays I tend to regard it as a competently made but nonetheless second division beer (at best). Not a popular view here, I know, but there you go.

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  2. Not yet been to the Archive (the bar, at least, although plenty of time in the library when I was younger!) but love the Chiverton. Interesting to note your point about traffic noise – Cheadle Hulme, and Station Road in particular, has definitely got busier in the 17 years I’ve been visiting (we got married in the Methodist church and the in-laws live just across the road!)

    I gather there are (once again) issues with the supply of Bass. Hugh Price at the Tynemouth Lodge has had to get Pedigree in again at the 11th hour as they can’t supply his Bass requirements!


    1. I’ll be in the Tynemouth area late next week and will try and pop in, Pedi isn’t a bad sub !

      Cheadle Hulme was very busy on the roads, as is Sheffield at the moment. I think some folk are still avoiding trains and trams at the moment.


  3. Archive was the last place that Stockport and South Manchester CAMRA presented our Pub of the Month award, at the end of February 2020 (the Chiverton Tap was due to get the next one, at the end of March, which obviously didn’t happen). I’m hoping we’ll be able to make another award before this year is out.

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      1. On Portland Street, the Old Monkey, Circus and Grey Horse have all been in the GBG at one time or another, although maybe not all at the same time.

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      2. Baker’s Vaults and Boar’s Head in Stockport are just across the road from each other. I’d guess it’s impossible to beat Manchester’s three in a row, though.

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