The first Proper Pubs will have opened the doors a few minutes ago and welcomed back the Carling and Smooth drinkers into the welcoming bosom of their Public House.

Sadly, it’ll still be a little while till you can stand at the bar or chat to random strangers, as Table Service (ugh !) rules till we’ve sorted out the latest variant aka “The Bolton Problem”.

But it’ll be lovely to be indoors again, admiring the indecisiveness of the amateur drinker.

As before, and before, BE NICE to the staff. They’ve had a terrible year. Don’t moan if your Smooth takes a few minutes to arrive. It’s better for waiting.

I’ll be rushing back, but I won’t be overdoing it this week, for reasons that will become obvious in due course.

Since April 12 I’ve managed 56 pub visits, all but one of them a different boozer, and if the beer is as good inside as out we’re in for a treat.

Line ’em up.

Top photo nicked off BRAPA. obviously

11 thoughts on “WELCOME HOME, PUBS

  1. Great ‘pre-emptive post’ RM.

    Probably agree that it’s better waiting for Smooth than drinking it – that’s what you meant wasn’t it? (but then again what do I know – it is probably a completely different recipe post lockdown – and the pleasure of drinking anything in a pub again – except Donnington beer made with Cypress sawdust – will be great 🙂

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    1. About 1400 tons per annum of beechwood chips are used by Anheuser-Busch InBev as a lagering aid in their beers.
      Now I understand why Donnington beers are so much tastier and better than Budweiser.

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  2. Fantastic to see, in your first photo above, the luxuriantly-bearded figure of Trevor Readman. Former colleague of mine, and a previous landlord of that pub; The Captain Cook Hotel in Staithes, N. Yorks. As a dyed-in-the-wool pubman, he would be well-chuffed on being featured in this post about pubs re-opening.


  3. Impressive pub numbers for the month given the restrictions, even if you have been forced to drink Smooth under duress (despite your best efforts to persuade us it was voluntary). Have a great week!

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