Tuesday saw the tree-choppers arrive. Honestly, there’s always someone at our house; plumbers, plasterers, electricians, Beer 52 delivery driver. The Sheffield economy has grown by 54% since Mrs RM (also 54) arrived.

A week after electing the Greens into the Council on a “Chop No Trees” mandate, we chopped down the giant leylandii (fir tree to you and me) towering over the house before it fell over and crushed Baa Baa Toure to death.

Regular readers will remember that trees nearly scuppered our house move last November, so we’re taking no chances with the little terrors.

Here’s a topical song about trees from your post-punk favourites And Also The Trees, the best thing to come out of Inkberrow, Worcs, since Duncan Mackay did a pre-emptive tick in the Old Bull in 2009.

Two chaps turned up on our doorstep at 07:52. Mrs RM wasn’t expecting them till rather later. One of the notable things about Sheffield tradesmen is that they ALL arrive earlier than planned while you’re still in you’re pyjamas.

They got straight to work, chopping down the high branches and converting them into sawdust that will later be used in lieu of barley in a range of Donnington beers.

I left them to it, walking into Hillsborough to see how Spoons are getting on with the refurb of the Rawson Spring.

Quite why they couldn’t have refurbished in time for the Glorious 12th I’ll never know, the beer garden is enormous, but it’s a candidate for my first pint on The Heaventeenth (tomorrow).

Talking of early ’80s Sheffield popsters, note the contents of that skip. Sunday roast club advert, lone shoe belonging to Susan Sulley of the Human League in 1980, and 3,000 cans of out-of-date Sixpoint Resin.

I nipped back in B & M Bargains, Sheffield’s premier craft can outlet, for these two big boys (as the kidz say). There’s a blog post called “The Faxe, the full Faxe, and nothing but the Faxe” in preparation.

When I got back, the tree choppers had already finished. AND CLEARED UP. Treefellas Aboriculture, I salute you.

18 thoughts on “AND ALSO THE TREES

    1. In Urdu or Persian, from pāy ‘leg’ and jāma ‘clothing.
      Some of our best words come from near there, like ‘verandah’, ‘bungalow’ and ‘balti’.
      ( Well the last one’s from Birmingham but you know what I mean )

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  1. I hate leylandii – we have a row at the bottom of our garden (in next doors garden ) Sometimes they are as high as the house -the owner occasionally lops the top off but they are still oppressive particularly as we have a sweet chestnut wood at the side of our house which has trees so large they bang on our roof -they were coppiced about 15 years ago but grow like mad -you can have too many trees !

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    1. The tallest Leyland cypress presently documented is about 130 feet tall and still growing.
      Not quite 55,000,000 of them in Britain now though thanks to Martin’s tree fellers.

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    2. I agree, Pauline. I like trees, but only when they are in the right position. Earlier this year, we finally removed the leylandii hedge, planted by the previous owner, and gained an extra four foot strip of garden!

      There’s also a massive Ash tree right at the bottom of our plot, growing just a few feet from the boundary hedge, but on a site that forms part of the local primary school. I used to have a vegetable plot at the end of the garden, but the wretched Ash sucks all the moisture and goodness out of the surrounding soil.

      Those trees that Martin had removed are serious specimens. He will now get lots more light in his garden and won’t have to worry about them toppling over onto his house, on a dark and stormy night!

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  2. Is that strong ale as terrible as it sounds, I’ve had one can of Gordon’s strong because thankfully that stuff isn’t really a thing in NZ


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      1. I’ve got some complete garbage I’m saving for special occasions as well. I did have a keg of absolute crap homebrew I used to ambush my mates and to see who was too polite to just put it on the ground. People wished up eventually and I had to send it down the drain.


  3. You’ve both put a lot of work in ujpgrading your new house and maybe this is what you need to finish it off, a nice pair of windows.
    Sheffield & District CAMRA have been approached to assist in the sale of two 1920s Tennants windows. The deal is that we look for potential buyers and 50% of the proceeds go to Sheffield & District CAMRA, initially to be used to pay towards the printing of the next edition of the Sheffield Real Heritage Pubs book.
    Ideally, we would like a private sale where the price was reasonable.
    The windows have been stored in a cellar since legal acquisition at the time of the demolition. Two identical windows, each with ‘TENNANTS’ ALES & STOUTS’ acid-etched towards the bottom and an art deco logo stretching up and round the rest of the lower pane. The upper pane is plain. Woodwork is rotting and will need to be replaced.
    The Langsett Road windows are too large whereas the windows on the side road have some opening upper panes. They are very unlikely to be internal door windows as these would be a single pane of glass. My guess is that they are from the side of the pub but further up the road than the images available.
    Lower pane is (126 x 88) cm
    If anyone would like full detail and photos – please ask,


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