Just back from That Manchester, swapping places with That Quosh who headed west east to avoid me.

Loads of positive things to tell you about Britain’s First City, but I’ll need a while to compose that post, so here’s an art shot to commemorate Nearly Bass Day or whatever it is.

The beer is Raspberry Blonde from Little Critters, beautifully left behind my bins by the Gardeners Rest, but can you identify the player on the right (not Baa Baa Toure) ?

Mrs RM is pleased to see me attacking the garden with as much vigour as I’m cataloguing my vinyl on Discogs. She saw this cover, from an album worth a minimum of £28.80, and said,

“That’s you, isn’t it ?”

Dear reader, my hair, glasses and jumper look similar to what I wore at 6, but it’s definitely NOT me.

Who is it ?

James didn’t know, but he did know a rather pleasing walk to Bole Hill, 10 minutes west of us.

The hills overlooking the Rivelin Valley were packed with those terrible young people you read about in the Daily Mail, drinking sensibly, keeping their distance and picking up their litter. It’s shameful.

There really is nowhere nicer than the Valleys of Sheffield on a sunny evening at sunset (top), though Crookes itself could do with a few more modern bars.

We walked back home via the Cobden View, ironically named as I know of nowhere called Cobden.

Sheffield really does do a good job of solid, stone built pubs selling Bradfield Farmer’s Blonde, doesn’t it ?

10 thoughts on “BOLE HILL

  1. That’ll be named after Richard Cobden, Liberal MP and anti-Corn Laws campainer who, equally ironically, you can’t see from there either because he’s been dead since 1865.

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    1. Yes, it’s a pity that the fine, anti-war, anti-imperialism, internationalist, pro-French fellow has been claimed by todays flag-festooning, curtain-twitching zealots as one of their own – which I’m sure would appal him were he here.

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  2. With your football preferences, seems likely to be a Man City player; and Malcolm Allison introduced that away kit around late 60s early 70s – the story being he thought would make City play like AC Milan… was a man with strange ideas at times. So, as not rotund enough to be Franny Lee, elegant enough for Colin Bell, or hippy enough for Stan Bowles will go for a typical destructive centre-back of the period… Mike Doyle?


  3. Sophie B Hawkins is the answer. Now, what was the question?

    Could be the young person in glasses, the very bad model of a stocky footballer or even the very badly grunged portrait on the inn sign at the Cobden View. If the prize is still half a bottle of Doom Bar, please give it to Huish Hugh.

    Bole Hill is great, isn’t it.

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  4. That’s an extremely flat pint in that Bass glass, but I haven’t a clue who the balding, jug-eared footballer is. Are you sure it’s not you, a tribute perhaps, or even a retirement present from colleagues?

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