Only 8 more days and we can confine “Guess the Pub” to the dustbin of blog history. At least until the tricky Carluke variant (only tackled by adding Buckfast to the vaccine) comes along, anyway.

I’m staying local today, barely 20 minutes from home. Duncan will be able to identify the location from my drone shot; he saw Wales play here in 2001. Ah, but which Wales ?

The music clue to location is a doozy, as they say in Duisburg.

The most famous resident here was a world champion, with a name exactly comprised from the surnames of two of the most iconic Americans of recent decades. And a card seller.

The pub, one of four in the village, looks like it should be in the GBG but I’ve never been here. Chief Pubs Galore Maps Corrector Will may have been, who knows ?

These photos come from Google, which specialises in a) blurry pictures folk in Halloween costumes, b) blurry pictures of folk raising a pint of Fosters and saying “Cheers”, and c) Crystal clear photos of pie and chips.

Our mystery pub specialises in chips and gravy, enhanced by Hendos.

Really, what more could you possibly want ? Well, What Pub reckons they sell a beer from North Warwickshire, possibly even a 2017 Champion Beer of Britain.

Happy birthday to you too !

32 thoughts on “GUESS THE PUB GOES LOCAL

  1. I don’t get the music clue either but once you’ve got the world champion it all falls into place. Also home to the less famous T L Platts.


  2. No idea where the pub is -South Yorkshire probably -that pie/casserole with a lid ,looks fantastic though -my mouth is watering just looking at it with the chips & gravy.Perfect !

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      1. It’s the only Sheffield pub called the Swan, and you’re trying to say it’s foreign? I’m relying on Pubs Galore: “Postal town: Sheffield” and therefore in Yorkshire. I know Wikipedia says “just south of the South Yorkshire border”, but how reliable is Wiki anyway…

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      1. Good grief! All could come up with was Mojave Song, Miracle of Sound. Explains why couldn’t get it to fit as a clue even after finding the pub.


      2. The way that I’ve generally solved these is by ignoring Martin’s “clues” and by searching objective bits of information that have got past him – or that he perhaps thought wouldn’t help anyway.

        He’s got better at stopping that lately.


      3. Well, no, I mean, on your facts – some implied, some stated – about the world champ I searched exact phrase “village near Sheffield” and world champion, which brought up stuff about Ridgeway and Clinton Woods.

        Perhaps you didn’t mean us to do that, but is it cheating?

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