The snow has cleared, the temperatures in Sheffield will soon exceed those in Seville, and Covid hospitalisation rates have turned a corner.

Let’s beer positive, as someone said, and plan a return to pubs.

Remember pubs ?

Mrs RM just said “You need to think about a Proper Plan for when we can travel again“. Cos only men can plan, yeah ?

I guess she’s thinking travel to Lerwick rather than Leeds, to Oban rather than Ossett. But my first priority will be to clear the South Yorkshire GBG entries (top). Hopefully Google Maps will let me know how I get there by tram.

You may have heard speculation about a rush to re-open the nation’s wine gardens in time for Summer.

I’m not sure what horrified me most there; the “wine gardens”, the “no pubs till Summer” message or the confirmation that the middle classes see them as something for the weekend.

Inevitably, four of my six South Yorks ticks are micros. They may have a bit of outdoor drinking but it won’t be a biergarten.

My closest is over the border in Brinsworth, Rotherham, which means I can’t travel there unless Mrs RM buys something essential from one of the shops near Stop Inn Time.

With the shutters down and a Tesco express and a hairdresser either side, I’ll leave it for now.

But their Facebook reveals some of the delights inside;

Yes ! Pics of babies, dogs, Yorkshire puddings and Moschino handbags. It’s a proper small pub, not one of those Kent micros with Old Blokes ranged round the walls belching.

I can’t wait.

21 thoughts on “PLOTTING A RETURN

      1. At this point we dream about a pint served from the back of a pick up truck and not getting matched up with Simon in the quarterfinals of his tournament.

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  1. Love the comment about kent micros -old men round the walls belching -have you been following me & Mr S ? So true & I think you can add f*****g too- he is an expert at both.

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    1. I did too many of them between 2008 and 2018, Pauline.

      You know the sort I mean; the ones that appeal to a very narrow part of the population and would look horrified if a young person went in and ordered wine.


  2. I’ve read somewhere that customers want a good range of ages now not a good range of ales. Some micropubs might have difficulty with that concept.

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  3. If there was a specialist sewing shop in that parade, the young lady with the torn jeans could have got them fixed before going out to the pub with her friend. She looks a bit embarrassed to be wearing such scruffy clothes. Or have I misunderstood?

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  4. The green shoots of recovery are in sight at last!! Love the positivity of this piece and you MUST be somewhat excited about the ease of access to Yorkshire and Derbyshire boozers 😃😃
    Britain Beermat

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