Yes, looks a corker today, doesn’t it. I see you heading to Page 357 of your GBG right now, looking for a place that sells those BBB favourites.

It won’t help. Never been in the Guide in my ticking lifetime. A trip to the lounge dispels any hopes you’re in a basic boozer.

In fact, last time I came to this town last Summer for a rare new tick it was an underground beer cellar and a very cheap overnight stay.

Perhaps even cheaper than Brummie Pete’s overnighters here, and he must have been.

The OS extracts tend to give it away.

Once you work out the town, find a place with a name that’s interchangeable with “wampum” (apparently), and you’re nearly there.

I recommend the giant meringues from the shop, but this is no Leek.

Our mystery pub was once owned by a brewery in Wrexham, an influence still evident in the upmarket entertainment.

Looks great, and the pub itself is named after the head and torso of this chap;

Which is the first, and probably last time you’ll get Japanese anime on this blog.


    1. I’m with you, Pete. I don’t know what special powers Peter used to solve this one! I Googled Shagger Bingo and it led me to the Red Lion at Penyffordd, which is obviously not the pub as it’s in a village, not a town.

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      1. …or even over the border in Wales, although Chester is the postal town. Nice pub anyway, if you like your bingo with a drag queen.

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      2. Found it, but only because someone mentioned Ellesmere. What has wampum got to do with it?

        And it looks like a rather smart hotel to me, so I’m pretty sure they don’t have drag queen bingo. Unless you’ve taken part in a session yourself, Martin?

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  1. I looked through the window and just made out “Nexgen”.

    There’s only one – in Ellesmere. Funnily enough the pub is nearby.

    I didn’t want to spoil anyone’s fun though – I’m only competing with myself here, as in most things.

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    1. “if Bill Cash was the local MP” –
      yes, in that he lives near there,
      no, in that his constituents live in and around Stone in Staffordshire.

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