Dave will be bleating if I don’t get a new post out today (the Stocksbridge one “dropped” (ugh) at about 7 minutes to midnight last night); so what better for Valentines Day than the giant Sheffield Forgemasters building that dominates the approach to IKEA on the majestic A6178.

Yes, another trip to the edge of town to Click-and-Collect IKEA shelving, and boost the economies of China South Yorkshire.

The stretch from Junction 31 of the M1 into the centre is an enticing mix of shopping centres, sports arenas and factories.

It offers the connoisseur a choice of 15 Starbucks, one of them in ancient Carbrook Hall that I could probably have convinced you was a Sam Smiths.

I quite liked the look of the Wentworth Hotel, an ultra rare Brightside survivor that Will “normally score 6” scored an 8.

Sure I saw the curtains twitch as this point, so admired the fontage and ran.

Next door to the Wentworth is the Eighteen-Ten, one of the Marston eateries that will dominate the post-Covid world. And we welcome our glorious Wolverhampton masters.

Across the (very quiet) Attercliffe Common I spy another lost pub, now apparently selling the sort of outfits last worn on Kraftwerk’s gig in Luton Hoo.

Talking of Luton, no review by Will, but that’s because the Pheasant was well and truly plucked and its name changed before its sad end. Take a look here, and wonder why I didn’t use THAT title.

There’s a happy end. Popping in to Subway I found I had 1,478 points on my card, with which I got Mrs RM a free cookie. #AllHeart

5 thoughts on “FORGED IN STEEL

  1. I’d forgotten how close the Wentworth was to the Forgemasters – just an advertising hoarding away, as your photo makes clear.

    Yes, giving the Wentworth an eight was quite generous, but I think I was trying to make a point about the change since my previous visit (four years earlier) when I gave it just three – what a difference a well kept real ale can make.

    A pity about the Carbrook Hall being a coffee shop rather than a pub, but it wasn’t a very good pub on the only occasion I visited. Lovely building, though, despite being only a remnant of the original hall.

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  2. Is that really a Starbucks interior?! Incredible. Don’t think I’ve seen Starbucks setting up shop in historic buildings over here– makes me wish they would! (Not that we’ve got nearly so many historic buildings, compared to your side of the pond!)

    IKEA purchases lead directly to IKEA assembly jobs in my experience; hope that has proved relatively painless for you. I go through those instructions and think, “Look, I’m an art major, and trained to notice small visual details, but my god you’ve got to pay attention or you’ll get it wrong with these things!!” 😉

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