A bit more exploration of northern Sheffield, as we head to Surprising Stocksbridge.

Yes, a bit further than I expected; I thought it was just north of Hillsborough beyond the picturesque villages of Oughtibridge and Grenoside, but as the A61 became a bit, empty, I wondered if I was pushing my luck.

Luckily, I was well outside of Derbyshire, and Stocksbridge was deserted, but welcoming, particularly to blokes in lycra on bikes.

Yes, this is where they stop on the Tour de Yorkshire for their potato and pizza, and a pint of Pale if the pubs ever come back.

I’ve driven past on the A628 to and from Manchester 763 times, admiring the domineering Steel works and wondering when it’ll get a Spoons or micropub in the Guide.

Sadly, 13,000 odd people seem to have very little pub, just a retail park and a football club graced by Vardy (and Waddle) in years past.

The 1920 Cinema is now a curry house, so that’s one future venue for a Spoons or Brunning & Price already taken,

Across the road IKON looks completely out of place. I assume it’s a cultural venue with Abbeydale on tap; but it’s a church.

One long road of plain shops, stunning views to the hills, and abandoned cushions.

And only one obvious town centre pub. What DO people do here ?

Looks worth a return trip, might even have a Sharps beer (can I suggest one ?).

Half a mile towards the reservoir, dangerously close to the Peak, there’s another one which resemble a car park. Not sure for what, or whether the Silver Fox (named after former Irish/US soccerballer Ed Kelly) will be back. We can dream.

A mile west, it got very cold suddenly. Minus 3 said my phone. It also said I was in Barnsley, which was worrying.

Is this the Barnsley flag ?

There was more to explore, a Garden Village and houses like this one;

But you’ve had enough excitement for now, and my fingers nearly fell off opening the car door.


  1. Had friends who used to live in the terrace right by the Silver Fox. Used to park my Maestro in the pub car park and hope it would be there a couple of hours later! Was never brave enough to go in the pub…

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  2. A drive of 23 minutes from home, you’d get a sentence of 10 years in Derbyshire for that.

    I assume Stockbridge must have been a major centre of Methodism given the lack of pubs? Trying to think of other places with similar low density of pubs. Sedbergh was definitely a Methodism stronghold.

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    1. TWM,
      I remember the Bull, Red Lion and Dalesman from staying in Sedburgh nearly thirty years ago.
      Worse are Quaker places like Bournville and Ilam.

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      1. By Dales standards a fairly limited offering in Sedbergh and the temperance hotel in the Howgills. It was a centre of Quakerism.
        I lived on the Bournville estate for two years (and worked for them). Strangely Cadburys owned a wine merchant at the time and sold wine in the workers’ shop at a discount.


      1. My only proper memory of Valentines Day was a few years ago when we happened to go to the Woolpack in Weston a few miles away for a meal.
        Imagine my delight in seeing that for Valentines Day all Marstons cask beers were only £2.50 a pint AND they had got the 7.4% and rare Owd Rodger on.

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