The estimable Tim Thomas has asked me to compile a “Guess the Pub” for his local branch. Sadly, there are very few Craft Union or Sizzlin’ pubs in Newbury, but I have one idea.

This isn’t a Guess the Pub. I bet 75% of you can identify this famous place from the picture above, or at least narrow it down to a dozen.

The aerial shot might not help, though Etu has a team of interns already comparing the road patterns with his Ordnance Survey maps.

My other geographical clue is “2 miles from Denis Charles Scott“.

No doubt, some of you will be guided by the type of brick,

or be able to read the inscription on the trophy.

It’s a classic, even with people who don’t like Swindon’s finest as the house beer,

or who were disappointed to see it take a crown from the Dengie Hundred.

Finally, I’d throw in some oblique reference to the local CAMRA magazine being surprisingly combustible, and leave you with a photo clue.

It’s NOT W.G. Grace, for a change.

38 thoughts on “SAVED BY THE BELL

      1. Sadly, since the answer was in the title, this “win” is as hollow as Liverpool’s 2020 title win.

        Duncan will have to content himself with St Mirren’s win at Celtic.


      1. I guess it’s not on any real route to anywhere. I’d have recommended a stop on the way to Wantage, though. 3 top pubs (or there were) and some great scenery.


      2. We were very close to visiting. It was cut on our last day drive to Beaconsfield (Oct 2017) when time was getting short. We had stopped at a couple places not on our list including Hanley Castle(Three Kings) which was not open causing us to run out of time.


    1. I thought that I’d try this on an “as if” basis.

      I was about to find out where Yattendon was, and to learn Mr. Compton’s first names, and then your comment appeared, Dave. Did you recognise it, deduce it, or did Martin’s title tell you?

      I stayed on a farm in the area quite some years ago, but I don’t think that we ever got to this pub, more’s the pity.

      It’s quite an unknown area to me really, like much of rural Britain.

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  1. Alexander Graham Bell, beyond his scientific work, was an advocate of compulsory sterilisation, and served as chairman – or as president – of several organisations promoting eugenics…Eugene McCarthy was an American poet and politician, and no relation to the notorious Wisconsin senator Joseph McCarthy, whom in 1952 he engaged in a nationally televised debate, during which he parodied the senator’s arguments to “prove” that General Douglas MacArthur had been a communist pawn. In 1958 he was elected to the U.S. Senate.

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  2. I’ve only ever been there once in the early 80s, although I did drive past it in 2012. Too far for a day trip, and not really near anywhere I’m likely to go on holiday.

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    1. You wouldn’t find it much changed. Where its succeeds is by having fairly regular but (I sense) rarely excessive custom of all ranges, and not really being a “CAMRA” pub if you get my meaning.

      Of the CAMRA Pubs of the Year (it’s reigning POTY, of course) I’d guess the Coalbrookdale of old is closest, and it shares characteristics with the Queen’s Head on Newton.

      What’s odd is that it’s such a great showcase for the Arkells 3B, but most CAMRA members on Discourse would dismiss that as dishwater.

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  3. Recognised it straight away even though I’d forgotten the title of this piece before I looked at the first photo! And the second photo was a complete giveaway – that field pattern is so distinctive. (Looks like Etu’s interns have taken the day off.)

    Only been there once – I sat on the bench that can be seen behind the grey elbow of the man stood just inside the door in the photo. You might enjoy my review on Pubs Galore:

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    1. Sheffield Hatter,
      Your mention of staying at Streatley Youth Hostel reminds me of when i was there in 1994 when Brakspears was proper Brakspears across the river in the John Barleycorn and the Catherine Wheel, and I also got in the nearby Swan.

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  4. “I bet 75% of you can identify this famous place from the picture above, or at least narrow it down to a dozen.”

    Put me in the other 25%! 🙂

    “No doubt, some of you will be guided by the type of brick,”

    Sorry, I only get excited about ‘brick’ when it refers to ‘brick sh**thouse’. 🙂

    “and leave you with a photo clue.”

    That’s you in 10 years, innit. 😉

    “It’s NOT W.G. Grace, for a change.”‘

    And I’m not at my best, sorry. Hopefully will explain soon, but by darling wife has me all in a tizzy (due to some of her various plans coming to fruition). 😉


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      1. It’s the pubs that have signs saying “Pretend it’s 1995. Turn off your mobile phone and talk to each other” where the beer is £4.20 a pint and no-one talks to you I can’t stand.


  5. Thanks Martin for this post that will be featured in the spring 2021 issue of Ullage, the famously combustible magazine which is currently only available in online only form and perfectly safe. You can spot the square cricket pitch surrounded by trees next to the pub in the aerial photo. The 2 mile distance in the geographical clue might suit a crow but it would be a longer distance for a rambler or a motorist. Looking forward to my next visit to this excellent pub which is unfortunately not served by public transport but is usually busy due to the quality of the beer and the warmness of the welcome. How many pubs can offer a ‘sit in’ Inglenook fireplace?!

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