I need to get out and about, but I can’t go till I have a shopping list that will include (large) screw-in light bulbs, cream crackers and cheese.

Actually, just got cheese sorted on-line.

Yes, I’ve ordered cheese from Leeds. Cheesy Leeds. I’ll let you know what it’s like.

I am THRILLED to learn I can look inside pubs on Google Maps.

Ideally, I’d have liked a look inside this classic,

but the New Barrack Tavern will have to do for starters.

The New Barrack is just down the hill from me in Hillsborough; I could probably reach it on a sled in 2 minutes this morning with a sharp left turn when I reach the tram line.

It’s my second closest GBG pub, after the Blake, and I’d been looking forward to a revisit (ticked before Wednesday 2 v Barnsley 1 in 2001, fact fans).

So here’s a virtual re-tick, courtesy of Andy Savage and Google.

Apart from mobility scooters, the other signs of a Proper Pub are bench seating, “Electric Dreams ’80s Night”,

and a warren of little rooms, each more inviting than the next.

Obviously, one beer is plenty and all that, but they probably get through that Old Skool line-up.

Great bay windows with a view out to industrial Sheffield and a scarily positioned dart board.

Look very closely and you’ll see a tribute to the Wednesday team that beat Man U in the 1991 League Cup Final. Mind, ANYONE can beat Man U in the League Cup these days.

Gorgeous stuff. I hope the Landlord and team are all well and survive this nightmare. We’ll never take them for granted again.


  1. One might expect a pub named the Barrack Tavern to resemble the Rifle Drum but it doesn’t.
    Nor does the New Barrack Tavern look much like the New Union or New Beehive, both also ‘up North’.


    1. I generally steer clear of pubs with military-sounding names too, but as in the Briton’s Protection in Manchester, you couldn’t find a more amiable atmosphere than in the New Barrack.

      I haven’t a settled view on the Volunteer Rifleman’s Arms in Bath as yet.

      I’m not mad keen on the Goat Major mind.


      1. Etu,
        In my experience the pubs to be steered clear of are those taken on by retired military officers oblivious to the fact that pub customers pay for their beer in the expectation of being treated differently from soldiers.
        An officious “You people” isn’t what I want on politely asking if a seriously short measure pint in Shrewsbury could be topped up.


      2. Certainly not – and that’s another benefit of flat Bass on gravity or from the jug.

        That gap at the top of the beer would be rather hard to excuse.


  2. The New Barrack Tavern was my first regular pub when I moved to Sheffield in 1997. I worked in an office above the casino (next to the dog track, just up the road), so would occasionally pop in on a break or after work. Excellent pub.

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    1. Funny thing is that I must have done all the Castle Rock pubs (guess that the Barrack was a free house before that) in a relatively short spell in the early ’00s, and hardly go in them now, but apart from a drop off in beer trade since 2007 I expect they’re as excellent as ever.


      1. Yes, the New Barrack was the first pub venture by James Birkett, who now owns the Sheaf View, Blake Hotel and Wellington, plus the Neepsend Brewery. He sold the New Barrack to Castle Rock in the year 2000, I believe.

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  3. “Actually, just got cheese sorted on-line.”

    Sigh. But good on ya for helping out. (thumbs up)

    “I could probably reach it on a sled in 2 minutes this morning with a sharp left turn when I reach the tram line.”

    And the Garrison is just a stone’s throw further!

    “Apart from mobility scooters, the other signs of a Proper Pub are bench seating, โ€œElectric Dreams โ€™80s Nightโ€,”

    And just to the right of the Electric Dreams sign it mentions a food van outside. I think I’ve found a new stop for our food truck. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “and a scarily positioned dart board.”

    Indeed! Plus, that Electric Dreams sign seems to follow you around to each room!

    “Weโ€™ll never take them for granted again.”

    Yup. Plus, when you do finally get back in, you can take lots of photos for others to see on Google Street View. ๐Ÿ™‚


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