I finished unpacking Mrs RM’s shoes, shelves and Sonos boxes (no idea) last night and took the rental van back to Enterprise this morning. Doing your own removals can save hundreds of pounds, and will only reduce life expectancy by the 18.7 years you didn’t want anyway.

The 41 30 minute walk back along the A61 is a joy. Of sorts.

Besides visiting all the surviving pubs when they eventually re-open, I’ll also test the crispy beef in all Sheffield’s Chinese takeaways. It looks like a Chinese takeaway sorta place. Hoong Too (translation 胡恩太) is bang next to the Wednesday ground.

S6 is home to Hillsborough, where I saw my last live football (the only valid sort) back in March, when being squashed in the concourse at half time was half the fun.


Just along is the Big Yellow Storage unit where I feel I’ve lived the last 2 weeks, and across the road you get the authentic Northern bakery.

Mrs RM believes she’s moved into a little bohemian bit of Sheffield, full of vegan lefties and Prosecco sushi. But I’ve news for her.

There was no sourdough in Lily’s.

Instead she gets an Eccles (or is it Chorley ?) cake the size of a plate.

There’s quite a few reasons to be annoyed I’m arriving in Sheffield in the middle of a Tier 3 season (welcome, London), and not being able to renew acquaintance with the New Barracks is high on that list.

Sadly, the Hillsborough Hotel, at the start of my homeward ascent, didn’t last the first Lockdown.

No photo description available.

As you’ll see, the sun was rising by now, having caught up with me at last.

This photo nearly cost me an arm. Why are Sheffield trams so quiet ?

That last uphill bit is REALLY steep. But by lunchtime, I’d knocked off 704 calories, enough for 3 pints in the nearest pub.


29 thoughts on “A SOURDOUGH SEARCH IN S6

      1. I really liked the beat poetry stuff like that, Tombstone Blues and the rest. I think that they provided a much-needed counterpoint to his more poignant songs.

        But hey, it’s bad enough discussing beer.

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      2. Don’t know if he made such a spoof – but I remember a clip of a young Geordie called Alan Price ribbing Mr. Zimmerman backstage about how this chap Donovan was better than him.

        I think that the two wits were well matched, but “Pricie” took that point, I’d say.

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  1. I don’t know how far you normally walk to get bread, but there are two bakers in Walkley (one on South Road, another just a bit further on Howard Road), or if you want a more substantial walk, you could try Sawa on Fulwood Road in Broomhill.

    Or a supermarket.

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  2. You’re doing it again! Narcissistic postings bigging up the speed with which you walk! Over 7 miles an hour, with not a hint of blurry photos due to clicking a away on the dash (or panting when you pause to compose the scene)!

    Well done that man!


  3. Might you have missed “STONE ROAD” off the right hand side of the Hoong Too picture ?
    There’s a Stone Road only a couple of miles from me.


      1. “(Penis tone Road is funny enough without any editing.)”

        Good one sh (or Mr. hatter if you prefer).

        I can envision someone hitting their John Thomas with a tuning fork! (LOL)



  4. “and will only reduce life expectancy by the 18.7 years you didn’t want anyway.”

    Pretty much everything boils down to either time or money.*

    * – or both, according to the ladies of the evening in Hamburg 😉

    “Hoong Too (translation 胡恩太) is bang next to the Wednesday ground.”

    And you just had to take your photo so that only the first 5 letters of Penistone Road were visible. 🙂

    “where I saw my last live football (the only valid sort) back in March”

    Wait. There’s such as thing as a live football? Is that ‘live’ as in armed bomb or ‘live’ as in football match? 😉

    “There was no sourdough in Lily’s.”

    Egads! My darling wife (raised in Whitehorse, Yukon – home of sourdough) will faint when I tell her!

    “Sadly, the Hillsborough Hotel, at the start of my homeward ascent, didn’t last the first Lockdown.”

    Come the reckoning, when this is all over, that will be true of many a small business! 😦

    “Why are Sheffield trams so quiet ?”

    It’s the bloody leccy, innit? Proper transport (of all kinds) should make use of ICE!*

    * – Internal Combustion Engine**

    ** – After all, what better way to fight Global Warming than ICE? 🙂

    “enough for 3 pints in the nearest pub.”

    Not to worry. You can bank them. As I’ve been bloody doing with my cancelled flights this year! (grrrrr)



    1. Ooh, thanks Katie. It’s a real dilemma between forcing Christine to do backbreaking work so we can be like the folk in The Good Life and supporting folk in independent enterprises, isn’t it ?

      Talking of which, glad to see your art on display and on sale in the Pharmacie. I’d be happy with their pizza and Belgian beer on draft in Sheffield now.


      1. Thanks! I’ve been baking most of our bread since the start of lockdown (and only 3 years after Saimon bought me a book about sourdough…) and it’s not too arduous at all – no kneading with the recipe I use. You just pull it about a bit once every couple of hours, then shove it in the fridge overnight to bake the next morning.

        We’re pretty impressed with the Pharmacie pizza – I’m sure you’ll find your local gems soon…

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