We settled down to hear the entirely unexpected news of Lockdown 3 last night, comforted by a shared can of Gold Label. One can between the two of us was plenty, I have to say.

Gold Label was the best option from that Whitehouse Convenience Store I keep marking on the OS extracts.

It’s that or Doom Bar (£2.49 a bottle) or a four pack of John Smiths Smooths; a rare haven from the craft that pervades the rest of Sheffield’s supermarkets;

What am I going to write about, while Mrs RM creates an impressionist masterpiece living room ?

Well, there’s wildlife in Walkley. Someone has spotted a Reynard,

while our garden seems to be the favourite of the feline population. Note the black cat attempting to hide from the white one; probably a metaphor. Makes a change from the Fen Tiger.

Meanwhile, Sheffield’s art treasures pop in unexpected places.

And it’s hard to escape Jarvis.

I’ll do a post reflecting on what it’s like to be a Southerner in the North, perhaps when I’ve drunk this scary looking bottle of resinous barley wine.

This will pass. In the meantime, I’m taking requests for blog posts again.

23 thoughts on “WHAT NOW ?

  1. Glad to see you’re maintaining a supply of top beer – though I thought Gold Label was best consumed on a park bench 😉

    I have a bottle of the very same resinous barley wine in my cupboard – it’s also top notch on your Yorkshire puddings 🙂

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      1. Tricky one….I think it’s something to do with whether sitting on a park bench is a valid part of your daily exercise (and whether the can of Gold Label is discretely wrapped in a brown paper bag)…:)

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      2. “Have you got to the Awards issue yet, Russ ?”

        Argh! I wasn’t going to backtrack this time, owing to life coming at me fast.

        But promise I’ll look at that one in the next hour before bedtime. 🙂



  2. Safest possible time to bag photos of all the local flat-roof estate pubs. Some of them have live-in accommodation upstairs of course so keep a close eye on the curtains for twitching. I’d suggest a good pair of grippy running shoes and a distraction bag of those Gold Label cans to throw just in case…

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      1. Go lightly disguised in a Spaniel Dog Onesie and a One Direction face-mask, you might get invited in to a Lockdown Lock-in.

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  3. They’ve started stocking Henderson’s in the Midlands (well Cannock) so as Richard Hawley swears by it I had to get a bottle.
    Not tried it yet but it can’t be an improvement on Worcester sauce surely?

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  4. “a rare haven from the craft that pervades the rest of Sheffield’s supermarkets;”

    Mind you, the walk to and from the Moor Market would burn off enough calories to bring back a cornucopia of craft cans! 🙂

    “What am I going to write about, while Mrs RM creates an impressionist masterpiece living room ?”

    Not sure but… good on her. Bit like my missus in that regards (i.e. painting walls and the like). 🙂

    “Someone has spotted a Reynard,”

    Is that a Renault before they added the wheels and engine and whatnot?

    “Note the black cat attempting to hide from the white one”

    Hide? Looks like he/she/it/they are ready to pounce!

    “Meanwhile, Sheffield’s art treasures pop in unexpected places.”

    Bonza place to hide Easter eggs.

    “perhaps when I’ve drunk this scary looking bottle of resinous barley wine.”

    Pfft! Don’t be silly man. That’s cologne. You can see where it says ‘splash it on’ at the bottom of the label. 😉

    “This will pass.”

    I most fervently hope so!*

    “In the meantime, I’m taking requests for blog posts again.”

    I’m better at reacting rather than suggesting.


    * – Not a whole lot better over here, at least for the two of us. The lunch truck is now officially up for sale. The complete collapse of catering meant losing at least 60% of our sales. Hopefully someone who wants an ok part time job (or full time if they want to work at it) will buy it. Heck, it would be good for some of the smaller restaurants. Time will tell.

    It’s not all bad though as my darling wife was contemplating working ‘oop north’ this summer to be closer to ageing family anyway. And, as luck would have it, we’ve heard from a former camp boss who wants us to consider working in camp for the summer. As I said, never a dull moment with my better half! 🙂

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  5. Ah yes, Gold Label, the only Tennant’s brand to survive the Whitbread takeover and probably the only Sheffield beer to have been continuously brewed, though no longer there, and distributed nationally.
    I expect t’other Mudgie remembers its popularity in Huddersfield.

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    1. Stafford Paul, it’s a little known fact that Gold Label was brewed, for a while, at Whitbread’s long vanished Wateringbury Brewery (formerly Leney’s). I was made aware of this back in the early 1980’s when, as a former keen homebrewer, I called in at the brewery to collect some yeast.

      “I’ll give you some of our Pale Ale yeast,” said the very helpful man who dealt with my request, “As you won’t be wanting the Gold Label stuff – unless you’re brewing something extra strong!”

      The Wateringbury site closed sometime in the late 80’s, the attractive brewery building were pulled down and a housing development now occupies the site. I have first-hand experience of this, as the younger of my two sisters once owned a house there, and the name of the road was Leney Close!


  6. Sheffield has to make do with Jarvis artwork these days as a friend of mine has had the original locked in her cupboard under the stairs, somewhere in London, for quite a few years now. Lasses can get strange infatuations at times, can’t they?

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    1. Aye, it’s not “relish” either.

      I have to say, the anchovies would often be a dealbreaker for putting WS in beer, but as for Henderson’s, well who’s to say?

      Personally, I usually like to keep things simple.


    2. I’ve always thought that a proper dash of Worcestershire Sauce in a glass of tap water isn’t a bad drink, for consumption at home of course.


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