I spent New Year’s Eve staring at my blog stats, hoping for a late view from Greenland, to no avail. Mrs RM would (actually) have been in Nuuk in August but her world trip was cancelled due to Covid.

I’d popped down to the Wicker in the afternoon for another cask take-out, this time from the Harlequin.

Slightly forgotten, though only minutes from Valley of Beer favourites you will know,

the route takes you over the exciting part of the Don near Bridgehouses Bridge, a companion piece to Daniel Hill hill.

I explored Wicker for you before filling my 2 pint milk bottles at the Harlequin, which had kindly opened early.

It’s a lovably scruffy area of tyre shops, medical supplies, and the New Testament Church of God (keg only).

OK, you wouldn’t make a special trip here after dark.

But it’s not that bad and will definitely be gentrified in 2043.

I’m adopting the slogan from the Caribbean store.

Oooh, just noticed that the shop on the left services electric blankets and sells styluses. Good to know.

I had no idea what cask beers awaited as I stepped through the door,

but frankly all I need at the moment is the thrill of a peek into a pub. Any pub.

The nice lady patiently read out the names of several beers I’d never heard of, and I said “That one !” and “That one too !” after the words “six per cent”.

They were both gorgeous, but to be honest I’d rather have had a pint of Carling sitting inside, which tells you where I sit on the pubs v beer spectrum.

4 thoughts on “AT MY WICK(ER’S) END

  1. “I’d rather have had a pint of Carling sitting inside, which tells you where I sit on the pubs v beer spectrum.”

    Yes, I know. You only drink the beer because…

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  2. Happy New Year RM (well at least we can hope it will get a lot happier than it is at the moment)

    Brilliant irony in the title of the shop in the first photo .

    And the Wicker reference made me realise that due to the enforced greater focus on locations and travel and less pub interior and beer photos – you could in fact be the Alan Wicker of the 21st century. 🙂

    I remember when I was a school kid a mate of mine took me to visit his uncle’s pub for the day – which was near the Wicker Arches – can’t remember its name sadly but as a kid I remember it was a great adventure. 😉


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