I know I promised an awards issue but I’m still taking legal advice on one of the winners; sorry if you’ve dressed up especially.

Where were we ?

Ah, Fagan’s.

We headed into town, pausing to admire Tetley and Gilmour’s liveries. Guess which one of these is in the GBG.

Tier 3 is no better than Tier 4, you know, unless you’re one of those weird folk who want a haircut or a hair-shirt; we just wanted a bite to eat.

Your options at the moment in Sheffield seem to be a) Queue for a Greggs near the Spoons, b) Queue for a Greggs at one of the four (approx.) along the Moor, the main shopping mile.

James, who’s lived here long enough, suggested the food court in The Moor Market. While it lacks the Victoria charm of Leeds or Halifax, it does sell things you want. Like beer. And spicy food.

We left Mrs RM out in sub-zero temperatures guarding a seat, and surveyed the options.

Quite a few, and the half dozen you can’t see were all Asian. Lemongrass had the biggest queue, so big that Mrs RM eventually braved the inside to keep warm against the radiator (all seating closed, of course).

When it arrived, Salmon Pad Thai and some Katsu chicken, it was quite wonderful, some of the best Thai food we’ve ever had. And if you don’t believe us, read the Trip Advisor reviews here.

Beer Central had sold out of the Belgian Blue I’d told Mrs RM was the Christmas drink. Next year.

Image may contain: suit and drink

But they DO have Deya, and I might pop back later. I definitely see an 8% there.

Not sure about their contribution to the bap/barm/cob debate, mind.

12 thoughts on “IT’S A BREADCAKE !

  1. We built our night around the awards ceremony! Good thing I’m only have finished with Simon’s latest post. That’s some pretty fine looking food though.

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  2. Is the awards ceremony postponed due to covid? Assume invite will come through on Zoom. I can rearrange attendance but due to heavy prior commitments will need at least 4 minutes notice.


      1. Both pubs used to run by Mrs Flynn (can’t remember her first name) but she paid rent to a pubco at the Dog & Partridge, whereas she owns the Grapes (which is also known as Flynn’s). When they increased both the rent and the cost of the beer she told them very politely where to stick it. She used to have one room at the D&P dedictated to JFK, and she took everything with her (including the customers) and installed the JFK shrine in the back room at the Grapes.

        They’re both delightful and characterful pubs. I haven’t been in Flynn’s for a while, as I find the beer disappointing – probably too many Guinness and lager drinkers for the bitter to maintain its condition. I was semi-regular at the Dog a couple of years ago as they did an excellent Black Sheep, but they changed it for Barnsley Bitter, which I wouldn’t cross the street for. However, I had one of my best beers of 2020 at the Dog in August: Kelham Island Pride of Sheffield.

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      2. Sheffield Hatter,
        Yes, I remember the JFK stuff in the Grapes.
        It’s said that everyone of a certain age remembers which pub they were in when they heard that he had been shot.


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