Day 3 of the Lakes mini-break with the lad.

We’d had the spectacular weather for our walk, so only fair it was relentless drizzle on the Wednesday.

Time for a last unwise breakfast. Trip Advisor’s trendy tip, The Last Resort Coffee Shop, had literally just closed its door, so we went for the trad option at Diggle’s (no relation to the Oldham suburb).

Two baps (cobs etc), a coffee and a hot chocolate for £7.90. Take that JDW.

More importantly, we were greeted with warmth and charm. James was struck by how welcoming folk were at the Spoons, curry house and cafe, despite the grind of the regulations. Well done Barrow.

Despite the rain, we took a trip to Roa Island (B) before heading south. Well, why not ? Roa looks mysterious on that map.

It’s a one street town village hamlet, but what an approach to that one street.

You come here to take the ferry to Piel Island (pop. 5).

The Supreme Sign wasn’t reassuring on our chances of getting across.

Call Steve” said James.

KING Steve” I corrected.

Not in this weather.

Shame, it looks great. And there’s a pub that could theoretically reach the GBG now that GBG pubs don’t actually have to be open anymore.

See the source image

Instead, we fought the gales and explored all of Roa, Oddly beautiful, a bit like Spurn Head I thought.

Just as we headed back to the car, parked next to the Boating Club/nano brewery, the Bosun’s Locker had unexpectedly opened.

We HAD to have an ice cream and admire the animals (escapees from Barrow Zoo).

Again, the lady serving up THREE scoops of Pistachio for £1.80 was quite wonderfully cheerful. Baa Baa Toure felt the ice cream itself was a bit icy.

Mucky pub.


  1. “Well done Barrow.”


    “we took a trip to Roa Island”

    So named because, before the ‘link’ one had to ro-a to get there? 😉
    (I’ll get my coat)

    “And there’s a pub that could theoretically reach the GBG”

    That’s a bloody big pub for 5 people!

    “the Bosun’s Locker had unexpectedly opened.”

    Judging by the photo below, that’s where the animals escaped from?

    “Baa Baa Toure felt the ice cream itself was a bit icy.”

    Obviously he doesn’t believe in social distancing. 🙂


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  2. Martin, there’s nothing like a bit of father and son bonding, and I’ve really enjoyed this series relating your mini-break with James

    I’m glad I’ve been able to do the same with my lad, over the years, and we’ve shared some really good times, both at home and abroad.

    In a way though, I’m sad I never got to experience much time away with my own dear, old dad. I’d upped sticks and gone off to uni, by the time I was 18, but I sometimes hunkered after this crazy dream of walking the Pennine Way with him.

    I’m not sure he’d have fancied it, or whether mum would have let him go off for two weeks, but it would have been good! (Not sure that Matthew would fancy such a walk, either, so we’ll stick to the Munich beer gardens, when we’re allowed back.)

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    1. Paul, your trips with your own Matthew are really lovely pieces and you’re obviously very close.

      I’ve always been close to my own Dad but he never realised his own dream of walking Hadrian’s Wall while he was fitter, and I’m not sure my Mum would have let him either !


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