A real gem next, as I whizz you through a chaotic Wednesday,  Sadly, I’ve just deleted my exemplary notes from the phone, so I’ll just have to make it up rely on the photos.

What a joy to find a place in the new GBG I’d never heard of.

You won’t find Blackley

Not even capable of being marked on the map, or worthy of a Wiki entry, but Blackhill houses its very own Guide entry, a 10 minute uphill walk from Consett central.


Consett itself is no stranger to the Guide; the Grey Horse has been there since before Duncan wore shorts.

This is the Corby or Motherwell of the north, replete with steel art, Punk IPA and social clubs.


As you’ll know I can find merit in the dumpiest of towns.  The beer is cheap, the industrial heritage world class (see: Beamish up the road) and Consett‘s funeral shop will keep you amused for hours.

Or are they skateboards

Sadly the Phileas Fogg has long gone, but at least the town was successful with its Project Genesis initiative in keeping Phil Collins out of the town.

The walk down to the Scotch Arms takes you past Glamour and Gin; two different shops but I think I see a chain emerging.

Look up
One road leads to the Scotch
Relax.  There’s a Cask Marque sign (joking)

The thing I love about visiting GBG pubs, compared to, say, gardening, is the heightened level of expectation approaching a new pub.

Will there be a gaggle of vapers ?, a fight over the definition of craft ?, a bouncer ?

I didn’t expect the muddy boots offensive.  Nobody expects the muddy boots offensive.

Interesting start

I entered to an “Evening”, a table with sanitiser, a book to write your name and address, and the toastie menu (top).  Two of those were unheard of in 2019.

The Rules

I don’t mind all these rules.  The pubs I’ve been in since 4 July (Spoiler : over 50) have largely been meticulously in applying Covid rules, there livelihoods depend on it.

It’s a simple place, bench seating along the wall, music turned low, one cask beer.

One cask beer is the new “tasters NOT available” or “Hi-Vis jackets, a mark of a quality pub.

Sadly not actually Doom Bar

Wainwright it was, well under £3 from memory, a cool and foamy joy. It would have matched the Roly Poly very well.

Pub life

You could be unlucky and come and get a beer festival or something; I suspect not.

To my right a young couple were having an earnest debate about matrimonial matters that BRAPA would have relished. I wish them well.

A foamy 3.5

Durham specialises in community pubs like this, where young and old feel welcome.  As long as they wipe their feet.



  1. But, but, but…. Corby ‘is’ the Corby of the north! A Tartan wonderland accessed via the Magic Faraway Tree (aka Market Harborough). I was chatting with a Corby fella yesterday and mentioned my oft-delayed plan to ‘do’ every pub in Corby. His measured response was ‘don’t!’…

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