The campervan is getting me out and about as I knock off the required 399 runs ticks in GBG20.

If I had a mechanical liver like BRAPA (369 pints in Surrey this week) I might even have finished the Guide before the 2021 edition emerges in, er, May 2023.

But with our house on the market I’m obliged to spend the occasional day at home (Ugh!) scrubbing and washing, only allowed out to exercise eldest son.


We took the scenic route across the commons from Fen Ditton into town.

They see ya !

Cambridge has the punts back, and that’s not a misspelling.

Quite a few tourists in the restaurants by the colleges,

Look up !

quite a few disappointed by the closure of the Fitzwilliam, that place where you can knock priceless Ming vases off their plinths for a laugh.

Better on the outside, says James
Ecstatic BRAPA celebrates 25 pubs in Surrey

We ended up in BrewDog.  Again.

It does the best food, you know.

Giant sanitiser

I doubt they do cask, and the pump clip has been strategically hidden behind the sanitiser so you forget to ask.

It took 3 minutes to get the QR code working, a 300% improvement on Yarm.

No service at the bar, or at the table, as you order by app on your table.


This one is the Duopolis, which if I’m honest tasted better in a plastic cup sitting outside Kings during Lockdown.

Top class murk

James went full slob with the Tandoori burger, I went for the broccoli salad.

See who got the best deal.

Sloppy yum

CAMRA business has, of late, been preoccupied with debate on the undercooking of broccoli for volunteers at the Great British Beer Festival.  They should come here to see how to do broccoli (and beer) right.

Music from Patti Smith and Eddie Cochran (not the long lost duet), bants from the beer tasting (possibly informal) on the next table included the line “These American hops are quite hoppy” and something about the Indiana Jones militia.

James was surprised to learn that BrewDog is now the largest UK brewer, but I’ll bet few breweries have higher brand recognition with tourists than the Ellon scamps.

We walked back, making an 8 miler of it, taking in some of Hidden Cambridge (tours available).

A 4 year old asks Santa for “The End of Capitalism”
This tape shop has been “empty” for 23 years

Wouldn’t Top Tape make a great micropub.  Don’t answer that.


      1. You are correct in terms of calories burned Martin, but exercise is still beneficial, as I’m sure you are aware.

        However, walking in 30 degrees of heat isn’t a good idea, so I was forced to cut my regular lunchtime by half.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. T’other Paul,
        Yes. Today I walked over Beacon Hill to Hopton Pools but in the morning as t’afternoon would have been too hot.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Put your last photo and your question on Twitter (if you haven’t already) and it should be open in rime for GBG21.

    Wouldn’t even need to change the sign…😊

    Unless a smoking substance outlet gets there first – they’ll need to change the second ‘T’ for a ‘V’….🙄


  2. That’s the sort of broccoli I like – but it’d take more than broccoli to make me one of Brewdog’s regular customers.

    “CAMRA business has, of late, been preoccupied with debate on the undercooking of broccoli for volunteers at the Great British Beer Festival” and I wasn’t surprised that the GBBF has been cancelled this year.

    “Music from Patti Smith” – I always liked her Because The Night.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just coming back on the Yum and Sloppy Yum issue. The choice is a close call. BUT I think I’d have to go for the Yum.

    You could always keep the broccoli as your future vegetable companion. Bert the broccoli would definitely give Colin a run for his money…I can just see him cuddling his pint ….:)

    Well done anyway for putting the Discourse broccoli debate to rest – CAMRA will probably award you extra vouchers next year…;)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LAF,
      I’ve heard that Brewdog beer is over chilled, over gassed, over hopped and over priced but it might have been a “Brewdog Hater” that told me that. ,


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