Sorry, that pic is clickbait.

I didn’t actually pop in Leominster’s Black Swan for a pint of Bass Carling.  Their house beer is Swan Amber, which is nothing to do with the Proper Beer made in a factory in Wolves.

First Mob Scooter post-Lockdown, a great sign

We were in Leominster (again) because it had a car park we could stay overnight for about 6/ & 2d, and stay for 3 years if we liked.


The parking in the Long Stay by the Lugg left a bit to be desired though.

Can’t blame that on Mrs RM

I’d picked Leominster so I can tick the last open Shropshire pub in the Guide.

As I approached Monkland I had a sinking feeling.

How could I forget that distinctive sign

Hadn’t I been here before ?

I had, barely 2 years ago, and duly recorded on The Spreadsheet,


inexplicably as The Monk in Monkton. Why, why, why would I do that ?

At the time I wrote “This pub will be most memorable as the one where Mrs RM and I had an unfathomable argument outside the cheese shop opposite.  Mansplaining cheese was the alternative title for this post, but the subject is still too raw.”

In 2020, Mrs RM and I now spent 5 minutes trying to recall an argument about cheese 2 years ago.

She DID remember the leather sofa in the bar, which I still haven’t forgiven.

Still a no

I didn’t suggest an emotional return visit, but did proceed to colour in the map.


Actually, I haven’t done the Ross on Wye Tap, but as the only beer you can get from there at the moment is a £25 polypin as take-out I’m voting it un-doable. Si will agree with me.







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