Of course, if this were BRAPA it would be “Cheese munching spinster, illuminates Leominster” (actually that’s Mark E. Smith) or something.

But when you’ve made as many trips to Herefordshire and been disappointed by The Lem’ster as often I have, you’ll know a decent pub in the county’s second town is cause for raising a glass of Wye Valley (that sound like a press release in Leominster Life).

Last time here the town was completely devoid of a GBG pub, so we had flat white and Bakewell tart in the fantastic cafe. Eight months later, I’m back, from outer space, looking for a pub to put a smile on your face.

Still not much around here, though.


But first, some old timber,

Brown and white
Tempting but scruffy streets with carpet shops.  Bit like Ely.

I went aimlessly looking for the Chequers in the market square, which is where  I assumed the oldest pub in town is.

Of course, it’s actually on the one street I seem never to have been on.

Halo Leominster

The two constituencies of Leominster on a Thursday are a) retired gentlefolk looking for hardware bargains and b) unretired schoolchildren looking for Greggs.

Classic BRAPA blog material, in fact.

BRAPA openmouthed in awe of Leominster life

Wye Valley have been undertaking a 3 year refurbishment on the Chequers, I read, as walking down Etnam Street. Don’t be like me, concentrate on walking.

Proper Pub alert

Refurbished pubs are rarely better, are they ?

This one is.

Bench seating
Lunchtime drinker alert !

Don’t get too excited, but this reminded me of a slightly more genteel Barrels.

But how will it stand up to the “six beers on a Thursday lunchtime” test.

Too many b**** ?

Well, the Stout was a cool, rich NBSS 3.5+, the landlord was a gem, and I wish I could have stayed to see if this was the place to get HPA at its best. Or the Robinsons cider.

There were probably ten customers dotted around the three rooms, a mature trade nodding along to Roxy Music’s “Avalon” in the public, and jigging (?) about to Scissor Sister’s murder of Pink Floyd in the lounge.

Always blame the bloke nearest the jukebox, I say.

Thoughtful man contemplates the Robinsons v Wye Valley options

And if that isn’t enough to get Beer Mat here;

December ?





12 thoughts on “LEOMINSTER IS BACK

  1. It certainly has a Proper Pub floor, Martin. Well done to the restorers, apparently for keeping the good bits.

    Or are they newly-fitted architectural antiques? There’s plenty of it about – I’m not knocking that though.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No, I have not. It was on my list when I was in Ledbury, but I chose Worcester instead.


      2. I always end up in the Barrels all lunchtime but that only goes to prove what a slight place Hereford is as a beer destination.


  2. Good pub in every way, I really enjoyed the Stout in there last year even though it was a bit building site outside. Think I prefer the Grapes though…

    Liked by 1 person

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