You always get one bit of classic Black & White Herefordshire in the new Beer Guide. Normally a village you can’t pronounce with lots of vowels, cherry blossoms on the approach, dull Wye Valley ales and that tempting sign for Robinsons cider the ticking rules won’t let you succumb to.


Pembridge, the half-daytrip for Brummies visiting Ludlow, is easy to pronounce, and a bit of a classic.

Particularly the New Inn, sadly out of the Guide despite the “Historic Interior” and folk music. Heritage won’t save you now.

Picture book
Daffs stolen from Wales, presumably

It was totally gorgeous, which presumably why there were only a couple of gentlefolk, possibly Australian, enjoying the view from the churchyard.

Australians hiding behind stone sheep
Future BrewDog

The Red Lion sign isn’t a design classic (see Pubmeister for those).

Always like stone steps to apub

But it’s open all day, when the New Inn isn’t, and the GBG needs to have a few pubs that are actually open when you visit them, just to keep Duncan sane.

It’s very old-fashioned, like a 1970s/1980s/1990s market pub in Hitchin, with simple settings and homely feel that would have my mum planning immediate renovations.


I’m delighted to see folk of uncertain age scattered randomly around the bar area and bench seating, looking like fringe members of Chumbawumba.ย  My sort of pub.

Less excited by the beer, but you know how I never like to be excited by beer choice.

Go local

I reckon these are the two most common brands I encounter during my GBG year. Along with Doom Bar and IPA, of course.

There were actually four on, a Ludlow and a Hobsons, which seemed about three too many when everyone else was on lager.ย  There’s nothing wrong with a lager drink. Or a cider drink.

Not actual cider
There’s a Brexit crisis, apparently. Missed that one.

Undistinguished but OK Bitter (NBSS 2.5), notable banter, and the dulcet tones of Errol Brown belting out “You Sexy Thing” competed with the latest interminable Brexit squabble on an incongruous TV.

The view to the High Street was timeless.

I counted four cars pass

A top-notch pub grub menu,


though the classic pub snacks looked a bit past their sell-by date.

Bleu Cheese is continental, innit

By no means a classic, but possibly as essential stop on your way to Hergest Ridge.


14 thoughts on “A PEAK INTO PEMBRIDGE

  1. “that tempting sign for Robinsons cider the ticking rules wonโ€™t let you succumb to” –Do you enjoy a good cider every once in a while? I know I’ve read of certain old pubs where cider is the core drink, and all the locals wouldn’t think of ordering anything else.

    The few times I’ve had cider it’s always been mass-produced stuff, pleasant enough for what it is. I’m curious to try something that’s a little closer to a “home brew” sort of thing.


    1. Very rarely, Mark. If I’m visiting a GBG pub renowned for cider I’ll have a half of Perry (Lulworth Castle in Dorset) and I used to enjoy Old Rosie occasionally, but I’ve no interest in all the flavoured still ciders that you see in micropubs now.

      But Robinsons is a one off. Not “real” cider, but not fizzy. Just a really tasty drink. Only seen it in a few pubs in Worcestershire

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  2. “possibly Australian”

    (chuckle) – took me a second. ๐Ÿ™‚

    “that would have my mum planning immediate renovations.”

    I’ll probably treading on dangerous ground here but… what woman wouldn’t do that? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “and IPA, of course.”

    Meaning Greene King I take it?

    “Thereโ€™s a Brexit crisis, apparently. Missed that one.”

    Pfft. That’s just the dying mainstream media trying to stay relevant by scaring everyone to watch (or read). ๐Ÿ™‚

    “Bleu Cheese is continental, innit”

    And funnily enough I think ‘biscuit’ is the same spelling in French. ๐Ÿ™‚



  3. Wye Valley may be a familiar brand, but it’s rare you see their ordinary Bitter rather than HPA or Butty Bach. Obviously they haven’t read Zythophile’s memo about the death of Bitter.

    It’s often the case that the “other” pub in a place like Pembridge is actually better than the one that appears on the calendars.

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