Short post from a Wetherby car park.

Hands up who knew where Jackfield is?

Pub marking needs work

On the Saturday I persuaded Mrs RM out for a jaunt round Jackfield before we headed south.

The little map you get with Search for Sites tells you where to go to park your campervan, but fails to highlight the pubs.

What use is that?

WhatPub finds about 2.7 pubs per resident, not bad.

Proper Day out

Nearly all of them have been in the Guide over the years, even if its B & B and Sea Bass rather than Banks’s they focus on now.

Bird in Hand
Robin Hood
Proper bridge

You’ll remember the floral display at the Black Swan from February’s visit.

Your HPA stop

Folk come here for museums, craft shops, cake and toilet stops. We needed the latter.

Tall buildings

Never did see the Boat or the Shakespeare, as the merest drop of rain had Mrs RM scurrying for cover.

I also needed cough sweets to take the edge of the homebrew beer I’d inevitably face later, so we walked back to the bridge,

Clinging to the hills

and bought aniseed and cough candy in the shop near the Coracle.

Orders from behind the barrier at the door

Gorgeous, and we’d somehow already done the 10k steps for a day that justifies our next pub stop.

19 thoughts on “A JACKFIELD JAUNT

      1. “Ironbridge – Birthplace of Industry, Instigator of Global Warming.” Perhaps a little harsh. One lousy bridge and suddenly everyone’s taking holidays in Spain and chopping down trees in the Amazon rainforest? A bit more to it than that, I reckon.

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      2. S H,
        It’s nothing personal against Ironbridge. If it hadn’t been there it’d have been somewhere else in the Midlands, maybe Cromford.
        And “every cloud …….” as they say. We wouldn’t have Draught Bass if it hadn’t been for the Industrial Revolution.

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  1. I see no one else claims to know Jackfield, so it’s just me with my hand up then. (Surely Paul knows it, it’s just a brisk hike from Stafford.)

    I think the Boat is probably still closed after the floods, isn’t it?

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    1. SH,
      I think I’ve forgotten Jackfield and blame my age.
      I’ve spent plenty of time thereabouts including six nights in the nearby Youth Hostels.

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  2. “I also needed cough sweets to take the edge of the homebrew beer I’d inevitably face later” –I mean, an awful lot of these craft beers taste like cough sweets to me, so maybe the two would cancel each other out. 😉

    I love that the Maw & Co. Benthall Works were proud of their original starting dates, but were compelled by honesty to add the date in which the place was rebuilt. Can’t help thinking modern people in similar circumstances would say, “Come on, we don’t need to broadcast the fact that it’s not the original building. What they don’t know won’t hurt them!”

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  3. Jackfield Tile Museum – utterly brilliant. Last visited during the Beijing Olympics but seem to remember a nearby Banks’s pub we had lunch as Mrs B didn’t want to walk too far with rain threatening. Also Bentall Hall was rather good.

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  4. Watch out, Martin has a cough and needs several jars of foul-tasting aniseed and cough candy sweets. Perhaps he is losing his sense of taste, and needs something strong to prove otherwise.

    Best be wary though as a persistent cough, and losing one’s sense of taste are symptoms of you know what!!😉


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