Paul asks why we didn’t go to the All Nations ?


Have you seen Mrs RM’s shoes Paul ?

It was 47 minutes to Madeley, 15 to the Coalbrookdale. Uphill.

Peeping thru’

When I started visiting GBG pubs in the mid-90s the Coalbrookdale had just become the National Pub of the Year. We visited in ’97; CAMRA were right.

What’s your favourite ?

I thought Stockport won it one year ?

I’ve been to all those apart from the first. Kinmuck still calls. The actual winner in 1992 was the Hungry Horse in Bedford by the way.


It’s been more out than in of the GBG of late (only the Oracle flies the flag), but as Si and Malt and Dunc and LAF will tell you that means not a lot.

Surplus signs

It looks magnificent, but quiet.

A peep thru the window

It serves a small community, and I guess the days of coachloads of tickers from Tipton and Tamworth are long gone, and so is the huge range of beers.

More tape

Two is plenty, often more than enough, and at Β£3 a pint should be flying out.

It could do with more life, and perhaps it’ll come back when the Old Boys get the vaccine, but don’t start a countdown on that.

I took a quick look at the hand wash for you,


and joined Mrs RM on the balcony.

The beer was NBSS 3 stuff, the views gorgeous, Mrs RM’s attention undivided,


A bit like revisiting the Fisherman’s Tavern, an earlier winner, this was a muted but satisfying return.

The descent to the bridge was wonderful.

See for miles
Down there somewhere

We slept well.

Ba Ba Toure, in case you wondered

32 thoughts on “THE COALBROOKDALE

  1. “but as Si and Malt and Dunc and LAF will tell you that means not a lot.” –Have the ranks of GBG tickers expanded while I wasn’t paying close enough attention? I thought it was just you, Si, and Duncan, but it seems the times they are a-changin’… πŸ™‚

    You mentioned about how you started going to GBG pubs “in the mid-90s”, which makes me think this was something you got into somewhat gradually. Or was there a day when you said, “The quest begins.”

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    1. LAF is ticking ALL the Midlands pubs, a recognised subset of tickers.

      Maltmeister is the shy, retiring guy, second only to Duncan in GBG completion, who I met in the Isle of Man and is now on Twitter with “excellent” puns.

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      1. Every one the Midlands pubs? That sounds like an impossibly huge undertaking, and a target where the finish line is constantly being moved away from you. But given that there is a hard boundary around the Midlands, I suppose he can at least get to a day where he can say, “That’s it, as of today I’ve been to them all.”

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    2. Not only did I only discover beer in my late 20s, I only discovered the UK after we married, and then went mad, travelling every weekend and eventually using the GBG. So a late starter πŸ‘


  2. “It serves a small community, and I guess the days of coachloads of tickers from Tipton and Tamworth are long gone, and so is the huge range of beers.”

    A chicken or egg situation? Reduced range of beers = reduced tickers?

    “Two is plenty, often more than enough”

    It is if there is no custom.
    On a previous matter, I went to The Wheatsheaf in Basingstoke as you requested, I can comfortably say it will never be a POTY , a lot smarter than I remember and no high vis at 5pm on a Tuesday. They had two beers on, Doom bar and Butcombe original and I have to say the quality of the latter was the best I’ve had since the new freedom, NBSS 4, but as you know, not my thing, a choice of two was not enough for me.

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  3. “I thought Stockport won it one year ?”
    “Heaton Norris, Greater Manchester” is what we all, and especially t’other Mudgie, know as “Stockport”.


      1. But t’other Mudgie lives a cockstride from the Nursery and he most certainly doesn’t disassociate himself from Stockport.


      2. Maybe all Norrisians – whether of the Chaprel, Mersey, Moor or Norris variety – are higher class Stopfordians.

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  4. The list of Pub of the Year winners suggests that free houses some distance from a railway station have the best chance of winning.
    I’ve only been to the Coalbrookdale Inn along with the Three Kings, Halfway House and Bridge End Inn with Mrs TSM driving.
    I think the Nursery and the great Great Western were the only two tied houses and they – and the Harp – are the ones I’ve used most often.

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