The rain is pitter patting down on my campervan, expertly parked in a country park in Chester-le-Street, and I’m bracing myself for a wet day in Northumberland.

I blame Duncan, who’s brought his west coast rain down to overpower my sunshine.

Here’s some brief highlights from last Saturday’s comfort break in Much Wenlock, which I expect you heard about on the news.

Wolves daytrippers

Always popular with gentlefolk, here out in force with facemasks and dramatic sidesteps into the street. I’d get out of Mrs RM’s way if I was them.

The big seller

In ten minutes (RM – 3 minutes) you can see as much ancient timber as in the whole of America.

Here’s my highlights package, bar the loos. I wrote about the George and Dragon four years ago, look it up yourself.

Doves guarding the town craft beer supply
“Ooh giant gnomes” says Mrs RM

Number 1,378 on the BrewDog target list for a new bar, I hear. Visit now while it’s unspoilt.


    1. Totally agree. Excellently kept local ale. Wood Shropshire Lad & Lass. Good food. Landlord is welcoming and friendly (for a southerner)
      This pub is highly recommended. Go and drink there at once ‘

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  1. I’ve stopped at the George and Dragon before coincidentally. The beer was satisfactory, but their homemade dragon wings were really well made and highly recommended.

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  2. “In ten minutes (RM – 3 minutes) you can see as much ancient timber as in the whole of America.” –No doubt it’s true. I got curious as to what is the oldest surviving building in America made by the colonists and apparently it’s the Fairbanks House in Dedham, Massachusetts, which goes back no farther than 1637. I reckon they built a tavern pretty soon after that. 😉

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