Canary colours for my latest blogpost header, and a big thank you to Norwich City for letting us tonk them 5 – 0 and win the Premier League on goals scored tonight.

1 City                 102 goals

2 Liverpool       85 goals

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Thanks Dave

I’m already nearly a week behind with the blog, but I can’t rush Dereham.

Via Thetford on the way, Downham on the return

Dereham means one thing, top toper Curry Charles.

We hadn’t met up since a proper night out in Leicester in November.  It’s entirely coincidental that the pubs we visited in Oadby and Wigston back then are at the centre of the Leicester Lockdown*.

At least the Lockdown has provided business for the folk who make those banners that bring joy to our pub trips now.

Never been busy

I parked my campervan at Charles Mansions on Tuesday for a preemptive tick at The Cock, and one of the UK’s top curries (Dick and Dave take note).

But first I did a 90 minute walk from the inevitable new edge-of-town Marston’s diner,

Indistinguishable from those in Diss, Derby, Dartford etc etc

to some Breckland border towns  villages  hamlets I’d never heard of.

Route to nowhere

It’s more fun to walk to places you haven’t a clue about than plod the same tracks day after day.  In theory.

A highlight
Plant pots for emergency beer tipping
Rare Norfolk paargeting

It really was a struggle.  OK, I know there’s no pubs, open or closed.  This WhatPub extract covers an area the size of Belgium, possibly.

Dereham pubs
Not filtered to only include pubs where Norfolk spoke, either

But you expect something, anything, don’t you ?

Nice wooden village sign

Westfield and Yaxham deliver no surprises, but not in a quirky Radiohead way.

Though the attempted spelling of “Sausages” is a delight.

Questionable handwriting
Wiki has nothing to say about Westfield, and neither do I

If you want pubs, you’ll need the Mid Norfolk Line from Yaxham to Fakenham, which needs a braver blogger than me.

I met Charles at 5, and stepped into town to face the delights of Dereham on a Tuesday evening.

As stoically as this unnamed fellow.

Is it Nelson ?  It normally is.

If I’d known the “unspoilt” Cherry Tree was as basic as Paul Bailey advises me now, I’d have started there.  But Charles gave me a convincing reason not to thaat he’s saving for his own memoirs of debauchery and Internal Audit.

Greene King, too

Not much debauchery in the GBG pre-emptive coming next.


*It’s doubtful if folk in Dereham even noticed there was a Lockdown.

10 thoughts on “THERE, THERE MY DEREHAM

    1. These are desperate times for pub bloggers as the obvious blog titles have been bought up by Russia.

      I do love “Searching…”. Only heard “There, there my dear” the other day, a real classic.

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    1. The lad and I ate at the Greenstone one evening, several years ago, but only because both pubs in Swanton Morley had stopped serving food. It had all the atmosphere you’d expect (sarcasm alert!), but it filled a need at the time. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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