That pic of the Prospect of Whitby is what we call clickbait.

Some of you will think “Ah, Goths and the Magpie“, others will know it as “that Wapping pub by the Thames I always assumed was a Sam Smiths“.

I took it in the New Inn, Yarm’s new micro.

I popped in, pre-emptively, after a surprisingly attractive saunter along another riverside, under the arches over the Tees.


What a gorgeous little town, QR codes apart.

It was great to see pubs busy, and restaurants coming back to life.

People ! In pubs !

I was charmed to see the memorial to Tom Brown who had defeated the Kronenbourg-drinking French single-handed in 1743.

Very imprecise

Tom survived the French bullets but dies within 2 years of running a pub in Yarm, mainly because of his short pints.

Healthy in an alternate universe

The New Inn is so new an inn it had only been open a month when it closed,


WhatPub gushes about “this truly micro micro, where rubbing shoulders with your fellow drinkers becomes almost natural“.  Oh.

Just the one couple and me and it was already half full. Many bigger micros wouldn’t have bothered.


But then I’d have been denied some great company and a taste of the beer of the month,

Ask for a Sunsine/handwash mic

and Mrs RM would have been denied that half gallon takeaway of Brass Castle Sunshine that rather ruined our Sunday, ruining my run of pub visits the next day.

If I had to pick a beer that wasn’t Bass or plum Porter as my favourite, then Sunshine would be it.”  I once said.  It’s still true.



  1. I thought the punchline to the “BRING ME SUNSHINE” title was going to be you saying to Mrs. RM, “But darling, I’ve brought you sunshine every day of our marriage, now haven’t I?” 🙂

    I must have missed your earlier mentions of this Brass Castle nectar; is it maybe not so widely available as the Plum Porter? Add it to the list of beers I need to try someday!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The Brass Castle man pops up more than regularly on that Discourse, Tim’s vouchers being as evil to him as Autovacs are to some distant member.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Phil is a polite, intelligent contributor to Discourse. He’s probably said his piece on Wetherspoons discounts now though.

        I don’t agree with his campaign to put prices up in Spoons, but I will do my little bit to encourage folk to buy his beers if you see them in pubs, as they’re lovely.

        Liked by 1 person

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