Just had 5 pints and a curry in Seaham.

Curry, Garlic naan, Pilau rice, Pappadom, pint of Sansom – £5.28.  £3.28 in August

Don’t expect miracles.

Let’s start this Hawes thing.

The Fountain

My spreadsheet insists I’ve been to Hawes before. Grief, it’s the home of Wallace and Gromit, craft cheese makers extraordinaire.

2 new Guide pubs, and a chance to assess whether folk are rushing back to pubs.

They were, in Hawes. The under 60s, anyway.


I was met at the door to the Fountain by a chap giving the Covid spiel for the 108th time that day.

“I only want a pint! “

So many questions to get a pint these days.

As Bill Bryson once said “Never ask a Yorkshireman a question that can’t be answered withPint of Tetley’s” “

I made a forlorn attempt to avoid being cleaned, tracked and traced and assigned to table 9.

Name the beers for 2 pints
Slowly, pubs becoming normal again

Not the best table, but decent views of “lads” and “pretend walkers” and “lasagne gentlefolk”.

Welcome back gentle folk and toddlers

Yes. The family group is back. We’re saved!

But mainly blokes younger than me, drinking Kronenberg. 6 of them

3 pubs in Hawes. Let’s start with the Black Sheep one.

Much obliged” said I.

Sorry mate ?” said the Saffer. They don’t say “Much obliged” in Jo’burg.

Black Sheep is a bellwether pint. This started off at a tasty 3.5 before settling into the 3 beloved of North Yorkshire pubs.

My vision was hazy, but that definitely says “vacant”. Doesn’t it?

No idea

Very Yorkshire, but it was time to leave Sir Geoff and move on.

Hi-Vis spotted
Close, every time

I left. To the sound of Debbie Gibson’s “Shake your love“, a favourite of Boycott. If not Trueman.

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