Chesterfield is one of our great pub towns, but the hills to the west have been strangely bereft of GBG pubs over the years.


The Gate is your archetypal traditional rural pub, and a pleasure to have in the Guide. Just when you’re thinking GBG status is all about sticking a homebrew pump on the bar, the Gate is reassurance that most CAMRA branches put quality before quantity and quirkiness.


OK you’re not in Longshaw or Castleton,but the views beat anything in the Fens, and you can walk for miles with just the noise of sheep for company.  You could almost be in Yorkshire…


Pleasingly, the Gate is in Overgreen rather than Cutthorpe, and will no doubt bewilder BRAPA when he gets here before Hull’s League 1 match at Chesterfield.

For a dining pub, it’s as good as it gets.

How to do a dining pub

Bench seating, stools, beer mats, no “reserved” signs, no-one dithering over condiments..

Proper beer range

I caught it at the end of lunch service, when a few groups were still eulogising over their “roasties”, which certainly looked good.


As many drinkers as diners, some of them were wearing Chelsea away shirts why (?).

And a proper beer range. Not much craft on display, jus reliable breweries from Yorkshire (and Fullers).

Professional drinkers

Most people would go for Peak Ales, but I always go for the house beer. Which I assumed was Black Sheep, oddly.

And I must have been right, as it was superb, cool and dry (NBSS 4).  Not quite sure why BlackSheep has a cult following in Chesterfield, but once again there was life in the old, er, sheep.  Shame about the Landlord glass.




  1. I see “Brampton” on the map but I don’t think it’s the one my sainted Mum lives in. 😉


    Great view. (thumbs up)

    “and you can walk for miles with just the noise of sheep for company. ”

    As long as Si wasn’t with you. Then it would also include sounds of him falling down. 🙂

    “Pleasingly, the Gate is in Overgreen rather than Cutthorpe,”

    Google Maps agrees, so if Si uses Google Maps he should have no problem. 😉

    “Bench seating, stools, beer mats, no “reserved” signs, no-one dithering over condiments..”

    And no cutlery in rolled up napkins already on the tables.


    Oops. Looks like some table come “cutlery ready” as it were.

    “some of them were wearing Chelsea away shirts why (?).”

    Because they were away from Chelsea? (heh)

    And… there’s my brother from France on Skype.



  2. Wow you’ve been on a winning streak with these traditional pubs lately, Martin. That photo that shows the ceiling and the exposed stonework walls gave me a serious dose of “pub envy.” 🙂

    Is that lovely view out over the hills from the pub itself?

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