The one certainty about Portsmouth is that you’ll never run out of blog material.

My one main criticism of the Government response to Covid was the lack of concern for pub bloggers, condemned to 4 months of writing about ’60s football programmes.

But I have a mountain of new material now.  The residential streets in Southsea alone deserve their own post.  Start in Festing Grove and work outwards.

One day I will walk ll the streets in Portsmouth


Smart Southsea
Street art

I’m not sure many people think of Portsmouth as smart, but I reckon there’s more money in Southsea than Southampton.  Look at the cars folk round here drive.

Chelsea tractor

After the Eastney I took in the sea air.  One beneficial side effect of Covid is that the sea now smells like those posh air fresheners in Brunning & Price pubs and you can see manatees and dolphins, the water is that clear.

Look closely

As I wove my way up toward the joys of trendy Albert Road, I admired the Turner winning street art of Pompey left back Andy Awford, whose boot from the ’92 FA Cup semi this is.


Look closely and you’ll see my second GBG tick below.

Brickwood again

No, not the suspiciously named Festing with its promise of IPA, but the modern Merchant House with bare boards and craft display boards.

Craft life returns

The nice man at the door took my name and e-mail, and told me he’d have a table inside soon.  I’m an inpatient man, and took a seat outside in the light drizzle.


Being a craftie I’d noticed the Marble Lagonda handpump, and I think the other continental drinker had, too.

Looking with a microscope I can now see I could have had Irving (no relation) or Roosters, but no-one should take more than 0.8 seconds to decide on their pint.

White walls, keg font
Yes, I was right

Aren’t young people lovely ?

This lot were. polite and chatty and joking about the perils of “fancy names“.  Yes, what’s wrong with Mild and Bitter ?

Simon would have wanted to sit inside, but there was loads of life to observe on the streets, most of it under 30.

Lovely lacings on the Marble, an easy 3.5+.

Northern lacings

Yes, more great cask (from a great brewer, of course),

It can’t last, and it won’t, and I’ve just had a pint that tasted like it’s been on since last Saturday.  If I say Saturday 9am you might narrow it down.

But the pubs are opening with less beers on than when they closed, and that can only be A GOOD THING.




  1. I don’t think I’ve ever had lacings like that on any beer I’ve ever drunk. I was born in the wrong country, clearly.

    I did laugh at your line about “the Government’s lack of concern for pub bloggers”; I mean, yes, the issue was raised in parliament, but was it really given the full attention it deserved? (And did Simon’s activities on the railway platform that one time affect their final decision?)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Chelsea tractor”
    Thats the new Land Rover (Forward Control) Camper van in designer urban camo paint (optional extra).

    I looked closely and think the manatee might be 3 blokes fishing for dolphins.

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  3. Love Southsea. The Albert road is a delight, and there’s lots to do in and around, old Portsmouth is very nice too. Lots of great pubs of different kinds.

    Was supposed to be there August bank holiday for the victorious festival, which a brilliantly run festival with something for everyone. Ah well, next year.

    Liked by 1 person

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