Pete asked about my stock of blog titles. Sadly, there’s only so many plays on “Pompey”, “Fratton” and “Alan Biley” I can think of, so this post about a burger craft bar is called “Burgered“.  Look forward to “Beer”, “Flower pot” and “Gnome” in future issues.


Having ticked the ticks by six (hey, great title) I just admired Southsea for a bit.

Is this wobbly or is it you ?
Pompey themed fruit
Typical understated Southsea home

I’d live in Southsea.  If they moved it to Manchester. Mrs RM could have this place as a renovation project;

One for Sam Smiths to takeover now it’s £3 a pint of OBB

I knew I ought to have a final pint of the night, followed by an inadvisable Chinese takeaway and an inadvisable Plum Porter next door.

I could have walked to Old Portsmouth itself for Bass in the Pembroke, but the Bass hasn’t been made yet and it wasn’t much cop in the Pembroke last time, great pub though it is.

Doom Bar in the Jolly Sailor ?

Proper Pompey Pub

It’s got a gun outside.  A great sign, just like Hi-Vis and mobility scooters.

No, I fell into the Meat & Barrel. DESPITE the half price burgers being the day before (or August, if you like).

And there I was, name taken, hands washed, pursuing the instructions.

Excellent table to view the dramaa

It was 7pm, the place was doing decent 18-30 business, I stood out like a chubby sore plum, I went for the house burger and house beer (Twisted Oak). Someone else had the lone cask, a young chap.  They took his temperature to see if he was OK.

Craft keg

This was actually a recent new tick.  I’d forgotten I’d wrote;

Corporate craft with dull ale“. 

In 2018 I also wrote;

the young staff in these modern places are spectacularly friendly, and I have to fight off their attempts to offer me tasters

Offering tasters in a Covid world will get you arrested, of course. That’s the best thing about Covid apart from the dolphins returning.

The beer was NBSS 3+ (I was almost disappointed that the golden era of cask was ending), the staff were great, the burger was magnificent, the mayo in sachets rather than a pot #EndOfTimes.

Still looks good for me

When I inevitably go back to Portsmouth for GBG21, don’t be surprised if I come back here and drink Tiny Rebel Pravha.

And so to bed, in my campervan by the beach, just hoping I didn’t have to get out of bed for a wee at 2am in the morning and bump into a jogger.


Don’t ask.

11 thoughts on “BURGERED

  1. Let’s be honest: rather than any of those titles, you’d almost certainly go with “From Beer to Eternity”, “There’s No Place Like Gnome,” and “Some LIke It (Flower) Pot.” 😉

    Has the pandemic really resulted in an end to pubs offering tasters? The only way I can see the logic of this is if the practice of offering tasters had involved re-using the glasses for the next customer without washing them. (Now I’m getting worried about those times that I did accept tasters.)

    I did chuckle at your idea of having a “final pint of the night” and then having a Plum Porter later on. We’ve all done something along those lines, I’m sure!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Say, Mark, is that your application for the (honorary) position of cheesy blog titles?

      Yes, tasters and buffets seemingly banned. You can’t take your glass back to the bar, which I suspect for us tickers is part of the appeal of pubgoing.

      Liked by 1 person

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