I was touched to re-read Pub Curmudgeon’s poignant piece on visiting pubs with his dad this morning;

(the pub) was where we had our best and most open conversations“.

I also enjoyed Duncan’s recent post on pub-going with his Dad.

Proper Malvern pub

One of the highlight’s of Simon’s blog is his relationship with Father BRAPA, who has a smile I wish you could bottle.

Bernard on the left

If only Simon had inherited his father’s dress sense, eh !

That photo above sums up my parents, too.  Smiling Dad, cheery but slightly worried Mum.  I’ve just dropped my Father’s Day card round; Mum reminded me it was my wedding anniversary soon, Dad laughed when I said we forget every year (it’s a tradition).

What Dad cares about

Dad is teetotal, so though we speak most days we’d never chat over a pint, only in a garden centre, which is the gentlefolk equivalent of pubs these days.

I DID get him in a pub recently, though come to think of it that was a Brunning & Price on the way back from the gardens at Wisley.

In fact, this is the only photo I can find of Dad entering a “Proper” pub*, and even that was between a Wisbech flower auction and more garden centres.

Dun Cow, Christchurch

Thanks for everything, Dad, and keep smiling.


*I’m not counting the many restaurants masquerading as “pubs” these days.

6 thoughts on “FATHER’S DAY

  1. Your dad looks lovely -you are lucky to have had him for so long -I was only 25 when my Dad (although I never called him that -it was always Daddy )died -he was only 71 & a non drinker too.Hope your lads treated you today -ours sent a Cotes de Boeuf which we are cooking now-slightly nerve wracking as it is not a regular item on our menu

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  2. Happy Fathers Day Martin! Just been to the Mummy n Daddy BRAPA homestead to join their ‘bubble’. He quoted your ‘dress sense’ line you will be glad to hear, and sent me off with a bottle of Great Newsome and some White Spirit. Lovely little read this, thanks for entertaining us during lockdown.

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