More reports from the tourist honeypots of South Cambridgeshire, which is surely at the top of your list for a UK holiday after 4 July.

Look how exciting the OS extract is, filling the space between A14, Horningsea Garden Centre and Anglesey Abbey.

quy fens
Snout Corner remains unexplored

But Quy would you come here ?*


In the 50s, for nudist swims, allegedly.  My Mum and Dad knew nothing of that.

And clearly we’ve moved on since those enlightened times.


Good for cow spotting though.

After you

And some well defined footpaths through the wheat at dusk.

Art shot

You can enter the Quy walks from several points, including the famous tunnel under the A14 which only lacks art.

Watch out for nudists

James recognised the cornfields as the ones used in the “Naughty Theresa May” video. I took a video of my own.

Sweeping views

Not much to say about the old farm tracks leading to the dismantled railway line, with a reopening date for the Lido some way off.

Quy Lido

Three pubs AND a posh hotel with real ale for 544 retirees (mostly).

You could have guessed two of the beers on the bar at Quy Mill, default overnight choice for visiting NHS managers for 3 decades but oddly not on my list of “cheap B & B” that Tom wants to see.

See the source image
No bench seating

The open/closed/open/closed/closed Wheatsheaf was the default option for gentlefolk carvery fans before it went Italian, to Mrs RM’s delight.

No bench seating

30 years ago the Prince Albert was the default village pub for guest beers with weird names like Adnams, before becoming the more traditional Missing Sock with Elgoods Bitter and a design last seen in my sister’s dolls house in 1976.  Mrs RM likes it.

No idea about bench seating but will guess

Which leaves the White Swan which is a pub worth travelling to from from Wokingham, let alone Waterbeach.

Proper seating here

Just know your place, and stick to the footpaths that aren’t for locals, eh ?



*See the effort I put into these titles


11 thoughts on “BUT QUY ?

    1. I though that it said “DO NOT disturb the cattle or leave voters” at first, and then thought that calling them “litter” was perhaps a bit harsh.


  1. Is it the Prince Albert in that photo, the one that’s painted blue, red, green, and any other bright color that came to mind? That color scheme is only allowed for daycare centers, in my opinion. And please forgive me for misspelling both “colour” and “centre.” 😉


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