More polite walks with a closed pub at the end, though this one is sort of open.

Look how close to home I am !


You can walk to Lode from mine through the Fens, though be careful of the naturist pool (and Mrs RM, of course).

See the source image
Nudism.  In the Fens

I started from just off the A14 at Quy, for reasons you’ll see later.

Around the time of Lockdown I’d attempted the walk along Quy Waters from Stow-cum-Quy to Anglesey Abbey, only failing due to sinking into six inches of mud 10 minutes into the walk.

I saved the OS map but the jacket was a write-off.

Three months later it looks gorgeous.

For the horticulturalists

This is “polite” Fen Edge, with passive aggressive notices about footpaths only being for Quy villagers,

“Sod off Waterbeach scum”

stables and lily ponds.

Don’t get it on your shirt

As is traditional, I find a mislaid BRAPA hat half-way.


Anglesey Abbey, along with Wimpole, is the capital of polite Cambs.  The riverbank leading from Lodge to the Mill is packed with folk in Pringle and pashminas taking their 1 mile flat walk at a leisurely pace, interrupted by exaggerated social distancing.

Buy your home baking “essentials” here

You’ll be wanting your pastel hue and thatch fix by now, I guess.

Home of Colonel Mustard
Thatch as far as the eye can see
And a topiary hit

Regular reader Mark will remember Lode as the tiny village which hosted a small music festival a decade ago; sending the strains of Sir Bob Geldof’s memorable solo hit(s) wafting over Waterbeach.

In 2016 it finally got its pub back.

Well, a dining room with handpumps, anyway.

For those who love fine dining” is the strapline.

Actually, good food and OK beer, as good as you could reasonably expect.

NOT a micropub then

The most unexpected Lode art comes late, a different sort of House.

Abandoned post-rave shirt

The Abbey Gardens are actually back open this week; along with Kew that feels a major step on the way to normality.  No doubt Dad will make his way there once he works out how to book on-line.

Back in Quy, the Swan looked inviting but forlorn.

A simple classic.

But the Landlord saw me hovering and invited me in to buy a couple of points of those Crafty beers from down the road and chat about re-opening.

His pub is a simple classic, beloved of gentlefolk and escapees from the Anglesey tea-room and I still dream of their Sunday roasts.

His beer survived the 10 minute journey home and 10 minutes later was gone.


14 thoughts on “A LODE OFF MY MIND

  1. You can’t help but wonder what incident led to the nudity notice on the sign. Very unusual to feel the need to add that warning to a sign.


      1. Time moves slowly here, Dave. Bill Clinton is still US president here.

        Footnote : Just back from a walk out to the lake and they’ve now banned nudism there.


  2. Lovely photos, but private footpaths for locals only – whatever next? Is it necessary to show some form of ID before setting out on these paths, or is Quy the type of place where everyone knows everyone else and they’re all related to each other, anyway?


    1. I think you’re getting Quy mixed up with Dereham, Paul, no inbreeding here.

      I imagine the gentlefolk here who have butlers who walk ahead to make sure there’s no oiks from the cheaper villages.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I couldn’t’ possibly comment on Dereham Martin, but I work in a small village and quite a few of our workforce are related to one another.

        Despite this, there are no landed gentry left around these parts, so footpaths are open to everyone – even “outsiders” like me!

        Liked by 1 person

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