Not much of a post this morning, just tidying up some photos I liked, but later you’ll get Haiti, Argentina and Germany IN THE SAME POST. Work out the connection and you’ll a half pint of Doom Bar in a Cheshire gastropub of your choice.

You left me on my Lockdown Eased walk in Godmanchester in 1950.  It’s still stuck there, in parts.

Dad (left) fishing girls out of the pond.  Possibly.

Tom, fast becoming my favourite contributor who isn’t called Mark, notes the potential of Godmanchester as a stop on the Great North Road, so I’ve marked the Riverside chippy on the map in case you’re hungry.


Half-timbered chippy, even

If you come here next May you can see the Jam tribute, though it may be a Style Council tribute by then.

Now that’s what I call a postponement

Take a trip over the Great Ouse to Huntingdon and admire the colour on the way.

Not a Czech forward
Tribute to the key workers (see top)

I was going to say don’t expect much street art, but the positioning of the plant in front of the slogans is inspired.


The old A14 is now the A1307, but traffic no longer thunders overhead as you approach the Bridge, allowing you to appreciate the tranquility of the meadows.

Beautiful. In it’s way.
Bridge.  No chapel.

BeerMat and Roger Protz can argue whether this is support for the Blues or the Hammers.

Or pig

That graffiti is out of place just behind the wall of the county town’s foremost ivy covered hotel, which WhatPub tells me remains open to collect my bottles of Chateau Lafite.

The Bridge Hotel. Posh, but good.

Huntingdon isn’t going to detain you long, even when the pubs do re-open.

I recommend Roger’s book for a couple of options,

Lovely read

including the rambling and boisterous Falcon,

Bargain pints

while though those of you on the Cromwell trail will love the Lord Protector.

In you go

and the Market Inn is the one with the Mann’s sign.

Good as it gets

Oh, and the Spoons has good Doom Bar,


How could you resist ?




5 thoughts on “EASING OVER THE OUSE

  1. I was going to say “Thanks for the shout out” but then I realized there’s more than one Mark around here, let’s not get presumptuous. 🙂

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a building quite so ivy-covered as The Bridge Hotel. It looks like something from an environmentalist art exhibition.

    “You can see the Jam tribute, though it may be a Style Council tribute by then.” –This did make me laugh out loud. Interestingly The Style Council were quite popular in Japan; I recall a Japanese gentleman sharing this information with me, while making clear that he himself was not a fan. (I say “Mick’s Blessings” is a damned good instrumental piano track though, I don’t care what band produced it!


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