UWE !!



Thanks for the football, Uwe.

Uwe Seeler, as much as Beckenbauer and Muller, was THE face of West German football, even if he’d long retired when the World Cup came to Deutschland in the summer of ’74.

THE match of the World Cup

You’ll know that England had decided to sit out this tournament due to a failure to find a decent World Cup song to follow “Back Home“.

That problem was only rectified with the iconic “This Time (He’ll be offside)” in 1982.

Meanwhile, Scotland had this;

You’ll be unsurprised to learn I have that classic single in my collection, alphabetically just before the Sex Pistols’ “God Save the Queen” on EMI.

Sealed bids only

The programme is basically a version of the tournament brochure with extra pages covering the long-awaited Argentina-Haiti match.

The team sheets are annotated, but not by me.

Who remembers football radios

Most of the adverts are for automotive products and Eau de Cologne.

Apart from THIS ad, which seems to promote a commune in Sweden.

Wouldn’t get away with it now

Maradona was only 13 at the time, not even on the bench, but would still have torn apart an abject Haiti team whose World Cup song isn’t on YouTube.


I have no recollection of the ’74 World Cup, or indeed any football before Dennis Tueart’s overhead kick in ’76.

Hamburg were about to become the best known German team, belatedly replacing Uwe with King Kevin.

40 years on, I finally made it to Hamburg myself.

This was good

Hamburg is gritty and wonderful, a bit like Manchester.  The Reeperbahn has beaches, the centre has accountants, the suburbs have punks.


I wonder what Uwe makes of the craft beer.


5 thoughts on “UWE !!

  1. My trusty German dictionary tells me that a Matrosenschlück is a sailors’ drink, and that Ratsherrn are councillors.

    As to who was involved in what, and how, I can only guess.

    Yes, you can wear your “Shirty” how you like, but I’d have thought that three word slogans ending in “macht frei” might have fallen out of fashion by then?

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  2. The only match East and West Germany ever played against each other in international football was in Hamburg at the 1974 World Cup.


  3. Hi Martin, am posting anonymously as I can’t seem to get any comments to “stick” using my WordPress account. It’s almost as if I’m being blocked somewhere!

    Just wanted to say that Mrs PBT’s and I were due to visit Hamburg last month. Not sure when we’ll get the chance to re-schedule, but we will, especially as Eileen has a friend in northern Germany who wants to meet up with us.


    1. I guessed it was you, Paul ! I have similar problems posting on quite a few blogs. Try searching for my blog on a search engine first and then seeing what options you get for comments. Any other suggestions out there ?

      I remember giving you ideas for Hamburg when you said you were going. It’s great city, not as traditionally beautiful as a Nuremburg, more like Berlin, but a feast for the eyes. Great beer too. Lubeck even better.

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