What treasures from “B” in the programme collection await us today ?

Two from Burton, birthplace of Bass, Pedi, beer in Balti houses and seemingly all your favourite #PubMen.


I can find absolutely NOTHING about the Brewer’s match against the Saudis in THAT summer of ’76, so I can only hope The Wickingman can enlighten us as to the score, VAR controversy, the Saudi post-match party at the Coopers etc etc.

For your shilling you get 4 pages; a picture of a suave Jimmy Hill and team, team sheets, advert for Plasplugs (?), and this bit of context for the Saudi visit.

Saudis to win World Cup by 1994

Strange food and customs” in Coventry ? Whatever can they mean ?

30 years on, the Albion had a shiny 48 page programme for the arrival of another set of famous visitors for the biggest game in their history so far.

I was there.  The programme is covered in curry stains

This time, there’s ample recognition of Burton’s contribution to the CAMRA cause;

Good enough for Pete Allen…

but arguably its most famous drink is rather less controversial.

The fan’s choice

That night in 2008 Cambridge escaped with a lucky 2-2 and went on to deny Burton their inevitable League place under Clough Jnr. For a season.

I celebrated with a Bass in Balti TowersYou’ll know the pub.

Just for Wickingman
Good luck with your social distancing here

This week Nigel left Burton to save the club from financial ruin. Like his dad, one of the greats.

9 thoughts on “BREWTOWN v DRYTOWN

  1. Such kindness, I can’t cope with it in lockdown ..

    Plasplugs. Plastic wall plug makers, one of the first I believe. Have a few left in my shed. Probably acquired in one of my dad’s famous swap deals.

    1976 – no idea, like many current Albion supporters of my vintage I was a Leeds fan with occasional trips to Eton Park.

    Famous visitors. .now you’ve spoilt the nice stuff. Cheating dying goalkeeper is my recollection of the leg at a small town near Histon.

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  2. In 1989 Scotland hosted the Under 16 World Cup. After a semi final win over Portugal at a packed Tynecastle (29,000), the final was against Saudi Arabia at Hampden in front of 58,000. Many in the Saudi team looked to be in their early 20’s, some with full beards, and after a 2-2 draw beat the Scottish youngsters 5-4 on pens. This flagrant cheating is remembered by many here so I sincerely hope Burton won.


  3. Trust pubmeister enjoyed the BBC programme on Stone Skimming the other night. A sport (the times a participant referred to it as a hobby and then either hastily corrected themselves or was scowled at by someone else were legion) in which persons of Scottish persuasion appear to excel. Recompense for all the failures at football.

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