Still in Kirkoswald, with the Fetherston looking rather inviting, despite having more foliage than the Crown. Foliage often means a menu comprising “with a ragout of”.  FACT.

2 GBG pubs on opposite sides of the road

But it looks just as “locals pub” as the Crown, perhaps more so.

Competition for the “Best beer mat display in Kirkoswald 2020” award is fierce.

Invisible pool players
Frosted glass

It had just opened, so hard to judge whether the Crown is normally busier.


Whatever, the welcome is warm in an unspoilt gem you get a lot of in the A69 corridor. The barman was devastated that the Theakston has just gone, and I bravely take a punt on the Kirkby Lonsdale from just down the M6.

DESPITE the fact it’s got a cyclist on the clip !

Handpump Heaven” is later, and the barman tells me the pub is packed with discount hunting CAMRAs when beer goes down to £2.20 a pint.

TOO CHEAP !!! etc etc

It wasn’t as expensive as folk tell me Birmingham and London are these days now (£5 ?, really ?), and the Singletrack was a fruity NBSS 3+.

Tight head an exemplar

The Theakston barrel was changed; I nearly stayed for a pint, but further ticking duties awaited.  If they’d actually had Magnet on, I’d definitely have succumbed.


I never did find out about the missing “a”.  Or “e”.


8 thoughts on “NO “A” IN FETHERSTON

  1. I’m hearing that cask sales are dropping year on year, but whenever I go in northern pubs like that it is cask all over. And during a wet session in Wipers, Rye, on Sunday we drank to of the barrels empty. Maybe it is the trendy young ones that has gone off cask, but have they ever been on?


    1. It’s the Old Boys to blame.

      I confess I don’t share your optimism for the mainstream, though the enthusiast pubs like the Ypres, the Taps in Lytham and the Cambridge Blue may look like cask boom towns.

      And it’s more the wine and cider and posh lager than craft keg.


      1. Maybe (some of) Camra’s wishes for higher cask prices will prove successful. Like any rational consumer, I’ll drink less when price go up, but maybe the aficionados have attended a different business school than I did. Bad quality cask is down to one thing – not enough custom. Make it a “luxury product” like bottled stout, it’ll soon be a niche product.

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